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A Nation Up for Grabs


A Nation Up for Grabs

Robert C. Koehler

And so we are a nation up for grabs.

Racist populism trounces . . . uh, trumps . . . platitudes about America’s greatness. Hillary Clinton, though slightly ahead in the popular vote, is defeated in the Electoral College.


My plan A is #CalExit, plan B is emigration to the EU. I don't really have a plan C except to cry as my freedoms are eroded by the fascist GOP, after seizing control via gerrymandering and the grossly undemocratic electoral college, and hope I won't be one of the ones hauled off to the camps by Trump's brown shirts...


Koehler sez: "I was ready to welcome Hillary with a shrug; I was not ready to hear the fire alarm of shrieking urgency to go off, announcing that the time for systemic change is NOW."

The former should also have resulted in the latter. Not 'a shrug'.


Hello Robert !

Since you requested feedback - here is my view:

I'm a Canadian, here in Calgary, but I think that matters little. The US is everyone's problem.

I was not overly surprised by Trump's victory, having voluntarily given up what is called 'the good life' many many years ago, when I began a new phase in my life. I climbed mountains full-time for seven years, for my own pleasure, on my own dime, impoverishing myself willingly in this process - met a young woman, a fellow climber, married, and our son is now twelve. All that time we have lived as we could, nearer the lower reaches of the so called pyramid, and living day to day and paycheck to paycheck.

But I was surprised by the #CalExit idea, for exactly the reasons outlined above.

Phil Rockstroh, who used to have articles here on Common Dreams - has an interesting take on things - lambasting the bunch who were surprised by Trump's win.

In essence, Phil was asking of this group - where the hell have you been?

And the answer is - upwardly mobile.

It is not Trump who is the problem - it is the never ending yuppie mentality - read if you will capitalism and its followers.

I was very interested by the map on election night - the entire NE coast and area - blue - the west coast - same.

The middle and south - red - with two glaring exceptions, which stood out to me like sore thumbs - New Mexico and Colorado - both yuppie havens, n'est pa?

There really are two Americas, and in the wider world, two 'ways'.

The gap between is now a chasm.

Rage and fear have at last surfaced - while the planet burns, quite literally.

I see this as a good thing - the first step towards sanity.

The animal has ripped open its wounds and the pus and blood are everywhere - but the poison may now, if we are lucky, also erupt onto the surface and out of the body, giving the animal a chance to recover.

But just to be clear - recovery is not a sure thing. We have literally poisoned air, land and sea, and in our "sole pursuit of money" (Jefferson's words), we may well have lost whatever soul we had.

There is no 'economy' anymore - it's a racket.

Thank God many have chosen serfdom rather than a buy in to this 'western way'.

Trump is the system - and he is a MIRROR - look deeply into his face - this is who we have, in large part, become.

Do - you - like - what - you - see?


Well Robert this could go on for weeks, but one thing in the last couple of days on my mind; the media needs to be shaken up, abused, slammed, exposed, pilloried, and shamed for the great whores that they are. The media does not serve its citizens well at all, it serves the masters. It is powerful and insidious and sleeplessly persistent. And right now it is very vulnerable, because, as part and parcel of the system, it is not now in high regard among the people.

With more reflection would offer more constructive and positive thoughts.