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A National Cry for Criminal Justice Reform


A National Cry for Criminal Justice Reform

Katrina vanden Heuvel

On the heels of the Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Trayvon Martin tragedies — and in light of more recent injustices like the fatal shooting of


Thank you, KVH for relaying the U.S. jail statistics. They sure are an eye opener.

Juxtaposing the U.S. prison state model by virtue of the facts taken from this article with today’s excellent piece by Alfred W. McCoy–elaborating on the modus operandi of a “successful” martial empire–present complementary portraits of the powerful Mars Ruled nation-state apparatus and the protocols that make it tick.


Meanwhile In Norway the recidivism rate for even the most violent offenders is some 20 percent, the lowest in the Western World. Prisoners get cable TV and access to saunas and all manner of things some would consider luxuries. They have health care and in some of the prisons where even murderers incarcerated they do not even have cells . The prisoners live in little cottages.

These prisons are the cheapest to run in the entire country since few guards or cells needed and the prisoners more or less grow their own food,


Its a good bet that 100% of prisoners in local jails are members of the 99% who are not above the law.