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'A National Disgrace': Trump Proposes Social Security Change That Could End Disability Benefits for Hundreds of Thousands

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/16/national-disgrace-trump-proposes-social-security-change-could-end-disability

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Social Security has been under attack by the GOP ever since it was created.
It’s been made into a regressive withholding from your paycheck–it’s capped so that income above middle-class levels isn’t subject to FICA withholding.
Also, they made social security benefits taxable.
Recall that Obama wanted to gut social security too.
The cost of living increases (1.6% for 2020) are way too low–deliberately.
The retirement age for full benefits has been dramatically increased, and the formula for giving more and more benefits to people who wait until 70 to retire favors the rich, who can afford to wait, and penalizes the poor who have to start taking their benefits as soon as they get to 62.
How many more people will Trump and the GOP steal from before a street revolution happens?
And why did Nancy and the other corporate Dems collude with Trump to give billions more to the war machine???


Dead beat dads cause young ladies with children to apply for SS disability. County officials have said assistance to these families is a large budget item. Detroit had ‘funny money’ where very young children were coached to answer the gov’t investigator in ways that gained the family SSI. Gary, Indiana had 25% of their school children rated as learning disabled and it took three years to review each individual by an outside expert.

On the other hand, walking gait is a health indicator and about 30% of ladies age 50 and under were struggling yesterday as I sat and watched Christmas shoppers for two hours. Elderly ladies and men were at 85%. We are going to need ranch houses and elevators!!

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This has been the not so secret agenda of the Democrats too (since Bill Clinton at least). It is interesting, protecting SS was one of the things Trump campaigned on. If the Democrats went after Trump for all the promises he made to the working class he has failed to deliver on, the Dems would attract a lot of Trump supporters. But they worry about a phone call that might in some small way undermine their belligerent policy towards Russia.


Step 5 recipients, the Inquirer noted, “are typically 50 to 65 years of age, in poor health, without much education or many job skills [and] often suffer from maladies such as debilitating back pain, depression, a herniated disc, or schizophrenia.”

We are a barbaric nation if we let this stand. The Right has been on a war path ever since FDR got not just SS passed but many other policies that benefitted the majority of people but much of it stopped when he got us into WWII and needed the cooperation of the greedy capitalist manufacturers to produce weapons of war. Notice how ever since the military budget just keeps growing? Doubt that these predators are not happy with this continuation of their wealth accumulation at the expense of of safety nets and other benefits to society?

We have barbarism now let’s move toward an eco-socialist society, a humanist society, where everyone’s needs are met.


The first step is to stop believing that the Democratic Party is on our side.


I know they are not.

Inch by inch. They’re coming for it. All of it.

It’s a sure thing in a second Trump term.


The balance of power between the branches of government was designed to guarantee the rule of law and our democratic republic . That balance has tilted so far in favor of an imperial executive branch both the republic and rule of law are in extreme danger.


G-L, that last sentence of yours was a doozy. Right on target.


The original idea was for the house of representatives be the lead governance and the senate being the wise elder statesmen. The executive is there to be ever watchful for the dreaded English to invade us again - {and they did, right up to now!!} - while congress is out of session. Congress had to complete their never ending talk in time to go home and plant crops.

I am one who has taken benefits at 62 and so has my husband…he has a blown knee…needs surgery…and he has severe asthma…he has always done physical labor and he does not read well. He made it on street smarts all his life… I, took mine also…but I substitute teach…( no Masters)…I…just want to get some of the money…before they suck it all away…in an even worse situ than 2008


That vote to convict in the Senate would certainly cause Trump to stroke out if it came in at 100-0.


DavidCarson, I keep wondering when we’re going to have our 10-Day Full-On Nicolae Ceaucescu Event as the similarities between Trump and Ceaucescu increase. Indeed–what does it take?! I just read a horrific The Guardian article about the maltreatment of disabled Romanian children under Ceaucescu.


And People wonder why we need an Honest Broker and a Humanitarian like Bernie Sanders in the Oval Office.

Wake Up America before we are all working for Plantation Owners like Jeff Bezos and his Robber Baron Friends.

The Snake Oil Salesman told a lot of desperate Americans despicable Lies and they followed the Pied Piper because they also shared his hatred for the same people the Bigot targeted.

He is going to Protect Social Security the same way he Protects Immigrant Children.



The word is spite! Trump is just being spiteful again when he retaliates against social programs that the wealthy do not need like Social Security Disability. Right now Trump is lashing out against ordinary people because he feels threatened (and likely pissed that he is unloved). Like a royal prince or despot, Trump wants to ‘make them pay’ for his being challenged and held to account for his actions. He did the same thing to environmentalists when he hamstrung the EPA. This is just a bully’s petty spite and arrogant callousness. In his mind, he is telling us that unless we stop bothering him and refusing to accept whatever he does, then he will keep on doing these spiteful things to punish us.


Read the article of the constitution that specify the powers and responsibilities of the three branches of our government.

First you cut taxes (For the Rich), then you pass the budget (with bloated military budget), Then you balance the budget. how we going to pay for this, (Cut the safety net) , We knew this was coming.


Nancy Pelosi and her corporate Dems will give Trump this one too. Probably be stuffed in to the giant budget bill they are currently working to pass. This is the Christmas rush these Fu$kers use every couple of years to screw us over even more than usual. Some of their best evil is hidden in the budget.
It will be bipartisan as usual. Mark my words the “pay-go”deal has already been done.



It’s hard to mobilize people with mobility problems. One way to snatch grandma’s purse is to go after the people who can’t struggle first.

The next way to steal everybody’s Social Security checks, and especially to cheat the poor people first, is to institute and then keep raising a poll tax that comes equally out of both well-off and poor Social Security checks. That’s what Medicare Part B is all about. Poor people don’t fight back as hard!

The USA is $23 trillion dollars in debt. Trust me, the crooks want all of Social Security if they can heist it, and more, to start to pay down their war and corruption debts. Elder abuse for money is one of the fastest-growing forms of crime these days.