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A Nation's Shame: Trillions in New Wealth, Millions of Children in Poverty


A Nation's Shame: Trillions in New Wealth, Millions of Children in Poverty

Paul Buchheit

America's wealth grew by


Not a bad article by Buchelt but it could stand a bit more cynicism. He could have linked our heartlessness for our own children with the contempt that the corporate media promulgates for the children of Gaza and those in any theater of operations labelled “collateral damage” by our warmongers and weapons makers.

Concern for the welfare of the most helpless among us is completely incompatible with the goals of both militarism and corporatism.



I agree, it is shocking and disgusting, but did anyone even bother to follow a link in the story?
"as they actually do at a charter school in [Texas]"1 No mention of Texas in the referred article, it’s Oregon!

CD editing has become shoddy. Hardly a day goes by without spotting basic spelling and editing mistakes. Please focus!


Could be indifference, could be resentment…could also be a complete lack of conscience …maybe they’re just flat out evil.


Well this shame can and should be extended to the system called Capitalism itself.

Capitalism is based upon such inequalities of wealth, In order to have a “working class” laboring so as to make the Capitalists richer , that working class must face poverty hunger and homelessness so as to ensure they WILL do that labor.


The Dickens you say


I wonder if they’ve reduced the size of the staff.



As I recall in the 2012 political debates Newt Gingrich did suggest that school children be given “chores” to do like mopping the floor and such to teach them the “meaning of work” along with reducing the cost of building maintenance. Republicans of course always support ideas of forcing poor people to work for “free” doing things that otherwise someone would have to be paid to do.


Our poor Americans and hungry are the new “collateral” damage in this nation!! The wealthy begrudge the children, how heartless, as they give CEO’s more, pay less tax, and send jobs overseas. Parents can not work, if many jobs are gone, yet the poor are blamed for their plight! I can not believe the GOP think nothing of causing more hunger, while they get tax cuts on BILLIONS of profit! Collateral damage, is a mild term, to what they are doing to Americans, let alone overseas. At least kids and innocent victims, here are not shot down in the streets or bombed….


As an old immigrant,during 4 years in 60’s it should allow me to call it a shocking development, and embarassing for a country that claims to be fair to their citizens. I shall make just one point that should illuminate the US standards: Having worked for 4 years in the US I receive a small pension from the US.And I’m in a situation that enables me to compare with other countries; Sweden as an example. A year after I left the US I worked for one year in Sweden; and guess what: My Swedish pension is roughly equal to my US pension; the salaries were equal. i.e. this indicates that pensions for low-income people are 4 times higher in Sweden. No surprise to read that poverty and hunger are becoming an increasing problem.


Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and the United States"

B-b-b-but Latvia, Lithuania, and Romania (and soon the Ukraine) are shining stars of “New Europe” and its new economy!


I hope you note that I use the Swedish flag as an Avatar. It’s not because I’m Swedish or have any Swedish heritage It’s out of respect for them as a peace loving, contented people and nation. It’s because I detected some important relevance of a popular trilogy of books by Stieg Larson, a promising young Swedish writer, to political and economic events transpiring in corporate USA, post WW2. His first book was ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’.
I worked for about 15 years for a USA company (now defunct, read its history in wikipedia), Combustion Engineering, a company (at the time) of high esteem and great importance to our country. Today I must plead guilty to being a part of its operation. My pension from them (the company contribution) for 15 years employment is about $34.00/Month. I opted to withdraw my personal contributions upon resigning. I’m not to clear about whether oldhagen is referencing ( U.S social security benefit only) as “my US pension”. I’m sure she/he must be- I know of no US company offering private pens benefits from the day of employment. I receive another private pens benefit of $204.00 from a second US firm for 10 years employment, a total of 238.00/mo benefit from private pens fund for 25 years of salaried employment.
In fact I am a somewhat aged secular Jew who has renounced any faith in any god or belief in “pie in the sky when I die”. I know that “from dust I came and to dust will I go.”.


Must appologize, I have no formal academic accreditation higher than a "Chicago H.S. diploma dated 1946. I totaly agree with you “Suspera----”. I would also do some “some stone throwing” at the “elite”— (the 1% insanely infected with an insatiable appetite for wealth and power)— that have been a part of humanity before The Magna Carta and after. The proof is probably in Thomas Piketty book, “Capitalism” and the data he presents… There is no ‘commoner’ in our so called “Representative Democracy”.


It’s long past time for a steeply progressive income tax in this country.

Neither Rs nor Ds are ever going to do this.

There are alternatives. Not supporting those alternatives is an inauthentic way to live.