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'A Necessary Step': House Democrats to Subpoena Postmaster General Louis DeJoy for Withholding Documents

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/31/necessary-step-house-democrats-subpoena-postmaster-general-louis-dejoy-withholding


Isn’t there a Congressional jail? Could he be detained there if he fails to comply?


Maybe the documents were lost in the mail.


I can hold him in my chicken coop chained to a huge concrete slab. He better start buying some heavy dumbbells to lift. He’ll be fed whatever the chickens get


This shill for trump & co is their creature - a shallow corrupt person placed into a public position and agency to destroy that agency - all his lies and deceit are designed to that end.

This trump Republicon creature is doing all he can to stall, and destroy, and corrupt the coming election to continue the empowerment and continued destruction of neo-fascist corporate political domination of America - all peoples and cultures.

This election is a choice between two closely allied forces, two mechanisms to control the wealth and direction of life and future, working to control profits above all else.
The trump camp is depraved beyond all “normal” comprehension, with a madman as figurehead lightning-rod for the forces of evil pulling his strings.

The DP Biden/Clinton/Obama camp is only marginally less corrupt and evil - one only has to look at the major political and social players associated with each camp to see which is beyond any and all redemption and which has a small shred of decency left, but neither will do anything to change the systemic capitalist serfdom both parties serve!

The USPS is the major foundation stone of the Commons, the Common Good our founder John Adams defined for us as essential for government Of, By, and FOR the People, not wealth or profits above all else!.


This subpoena is merely more Election Theater.

Were the Democrats serious about keeping the Post Office alive, they would be demanding that the Republican legislation requiring the USPS to pre-fund their workers’ pensions 75 years into the future be abolished. Were the Democrats serious about saving the USPS, they would have held “bailout” and “Defense” funding hostage until and unless the Post Office was reprieved.

The Democrats want the USPS destroyed and privatized too. They just must pretend otherwise during an election season in which the death of the Post Office is actually in sight.

Just watch how fast the USPS disappears from the headlines after Nov 3rd…


Why don’t they arrest the SOB for contempt of congress? That’s what they would do to the rest of us if we acted like that.


See @Flick’s comment above, this is nothing more than a dog and pony show for the voters. If you recall, not one mention was made in either hearing, of the 2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act, the legislation that created this mess, with near unanimous approval from both parties, and some of those who voted for it, still in Congress.
Both chambers of Congress knows the legal wrangling over these subpoena’s won’t be over before the election.


Water board the SOB.
Congress has shown nothing but contempt for using the provision of “contempt of congress.”
Trump has special rules governing him, but all of the other crooks, liars, and trump aids or staff should be followed through with.


And when members of this administration refuse to honor subpoenas the democrats will do what?


It’s too late to hold anyone accountable before the election, and by then the damage will have achieved it’s purpose, both parties know this. both parties also know DeJoy has committed at least two crimes, one a fairly serious felony, but not a whisper about that topic either.

Er, er, er. Is this a trick question. :))


Slowly watching what you posted on the Peoples Party Convention


Just to give one tiny example of the new slow mail as in mega snail: A very small item ordered from me a month ago was supposed to have arrived by today. Their new notice said by the end of September as by the 30th.

“He has repeatedly demonstrated an unwillingness to share documents and information with Congress. . .”

Congress has repeatedly denonstrated an unwillingness to hold accountable or in contempt any Trump crony or appointee who refuses to comply with a subpoena.

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Fire the Postmaster General DeJoy ~ now!!!