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A New American Dream for Jorge Garcia and All Of Us


A New American Dream for Jorge Garcia and All Of Us

Cindy Garcia
Our immigration system is broken, and everybody knows it.
"Lincoln Park is coming back – so is Detroit – and it’s largely thanks to immigrants." (Photo: Stephen Melkisethian/flickr/cc)


I firmly believe we accept too much government control. Every person has an inherent right to travel and settle anywhere. No borders. No bosses.


Nature controls the universe, including all aspects of this thing that homo sapiens, human beings, call Earth. Nature controls, in practical terms, what humans call the four dimensions of object being. Humans on Earth, and the few off of it, are constrained by nature’s laws. They have no “rights” to anything of which nature consists.


Mrs. Garcia’s discourse regarding ICE is much too civil. ICE has been a douchebag organization since its inception and formulation in 2003, during the reign of the douchebag Bush Jr., and will continue to be so until its demise.


I’ll probably get banned from Common Dreams for saying this (like I have at other progressive media outlets), but I’m going to say it anyway.

I’m sorry, but Jorge knew he was breaking the law, but figured that he would not pay a price for it. I know of many American men who date and want to marry foreign women - and are called such epithets as “traffickers” by the femynocracy - and they have to go through a lot of red tape & time before their spouse/fiancee can LEGALLY immigrate. The proper course of action for Jorge was to go back to his country of nationality once you became engaged/married, and then go through the proper immigration process - but he didn’t because of poor enforcement by administrations of BOTH parties.

Now all that said, I do think that DREAMers, as they are not morally complicit in their misdeeds should be regularized, and I think that the Democrats should pursue this compromise of getting this in exchange for restricting general immigration. We don’t have enough GOOD work for out own citizens, and opening up the borders only allows the capitalists to continue to exploit the American worker.