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A New Anti-War Mobilization Must Topple Trump—and Challenge Biden

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/01/new-anti-war-mobilization-must-topple-trump-and-challenge-biden


The brightest light needs to be shining on Congress wherein reside the military industrial media infotainment complex’s (MIMIC) agents whose unwritten but most critical (to their re-elections) job description line item is CARRY WATER FOR THE MIMIC CONTRACTORS IN YOUR STATE.

For at least the past two decades the mere suggestion of discussion prior to approving MIMIC funding has been considered treasonous, and Congress has provided more funds each year to MIMIC than the Pentagon requests, much of it approved “off budget”.

Until the best Congress money can buy is under control, it won’t matter who occupies the oval office.


Defund The Military By 50% - Rebuild America Again!

Close 700+ Military Bases And Create Millions Of Jobs Here At Home With Opportunities For All.

The Empire Must Fall In Order For Love To Replace Hate.


Defunding the military makes a lot more sense than defunding the police. The police have a routine day-to-day function in society as we know it. When was the last time the US military had to use its full strength against an enemy?

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Militaristic aggression in not only unsustainable in a “Nuclear World” but, simply stupid like when a bunch of kids play war with their little green plastic Army men.

If the human race has “any” chance at surviving past this generation, the American Military must be brought to heel by defunding their yearly budgets, made to close most foreign military bases, and taught to use cooperation and compassion instead of hate and aggression with our neighbors all over the world.

As the largest polluter of the world’s use of fossil fuels, the curtailment of the American Military’s use of these energy sources will allow Mother Earth’s oceans and skies to take a deep breath of fresh air.

"Occupy The Streets!"


PonyBoy- Over how long a time frame? 5yrs? 10 yrs? Starting in 2021, of course. Getting to $400 Billion on DoD budgets? How long?
Again, we need to cut The Alphabets budgets; especially ICE, HSA, DEA, ATF and FBI by 5-7% a yr over a certain time period.
It’s important to stick to a very specific time frame. With term limits in the mix, as well.

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Is there any center right position you won’t support? In my city, the police force was reduced in 2008-9 due to budget cuts and 25 retirements. In the aftermath, crime rates went down. We still haven’t brought the force back up to its previous staffing level. Crime rates still reduced. Also, our new county sheriff was elected on a platform of placing perps in mental health and addiction counseling instead of warehousing them in jail. It’s saving us money, and treating disease like disease. He will undoubtedly win re-election.

Here’s how public safety can “Reallocate, De-escalate:”



The most important movement this fall should be “AnyoneButDemocrats&Republicans” slash hashtag or whatever. As long as the American public can vote out these corporate criminals who depend on one of the two corporate Party’s to run, we still have a chance of saving humanity.


I would suggest that Biden, having coasted to the d-party nomination and now a substantial polling lead without doing much actual campaigning or fund-raising, is going to just plain ignore the left.

He thinks he can win without a lot of us – he might be right.
He thinks a lot of us will fall in line as usual because we have nowhere else to go – a good bet.
He thinks that talking tough on Russia/China and blindly supporting Israel will win votes – could be.
He thinks that a win in November is a mandate to remain hawkish – very likely.

I’m not voting for Biden. His party is the chief impediment to peace and progress.


We already have term limits. They’re called elections. Ask Eliot Engel about them.

My ideal result, realistically, would be a narrow Biden win with a double-digit showing for a third party, like the Greens – think Biden 41%, Trump 39%, Greens 20%.


Eliot who? You meant Eliot Netanyahu, Jr. right?
For you trading me an Eliot for a Jamaal, I’ll trade you a Sen. Keith Ellison for a Sec. of State Klobachur. Deal, or no deal?
Term limits and vote-by-mail are progressive values. Michigan could learn progressive values and lessons from the West Coast on this. Especially, on the state legislature levels.
Joe Biden, James Clyburn, Steny Hoyer and others need to go away, preferably not to AIPAC’s Senior Living Center in Miami, however. Term limits would get rid of these lackeys earlier, rather than waiting for the undertaker to do it.

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My ideal result, would be to see Trump resign very soon, putting Pence in the hotseat for the GOP and him getting 25%, Slowly-Going Joe getting 25%, and a massive awakening of the Zombies in America giving Howie Hawkins and the Green Party a win with 50%.

Realistic? No way.

The Zombies who for decades have been responsible for keeping the “War Machine” turning will never wake up.

Zombies are brain-challenged.

I apologize to any Zombies here at Common Dreams.


I’m sorry Mrs. Ann, I’m not sure what you’re asking.


Unfortunately Camden, NJ is not a good example of reforming a police department like most of us here want. It was actually a bait and switch game, where the citizens of the city lost control of their policing. The department was disbanded, but reassembled as the Camden County PD, with only minor police reforms put into place, and lots of surveillance across the city.



The citizens are generally not happy with the result.
I do absolutely agree with your center-right comment though.

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A good synopsis with the last paragraph the most important summary.

We need a movement to turn around this destructive sale of fear and hate that kills populations and the planet.

Hammering strong and persistently that the Military Industrial complex IS the biggest global polluter of the earth and destroyer of our ethos in that most of our mainstream influences are driven by military themes including the militarization of the police forces in every city and town are selling points to be used to encourage a mass movement to demand defunding the pentagon and the armament industries that suck at its tits.
Climate disaster, wars and unregulated capitalism must be tied together as the problems which must be rectified to give the planet a chance to heal from the constant onslaught.


OK. I’ll take your result. I should have called mine the best we can hope for. But really who can say what’s realistic these days?

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I was going to say that about Camden… A news crew once asked if their surveillence setup resembled a police state. The interview went downhill from there.

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Quite a few

  • I am very supportive of strong international governing bodies. I guess I might even call myself a world federalist.
  • I wouldn’t mind if the second amendment was repealed… but I’ll settle for bans on semi automatic guns and what not.
  • I am a bit of a deficit hawk - we don’t tax the rich enough, and we spend too much money on a military whose full strength we never use.

Beyond that, my attitudes towards climate change are kind of “action must be taken, but let’s aim for 3c rather than 1.5c, because 3c is both realistic, and relatively survivable compared to 4c”. And my attitudes towards financial regulation and universal healthcare are that they are awesome and necessary… but not worth losing an election over.

The one area I guess I am decisively centrist is when it comes to the maintenance of some sort of police force - even a reduced one. Blame my professor for assigning Hobbes in college.

Your center right bumper stickers are perfect:

Vote Blue – for Relative Survivability!