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A New Authoritarian Axis Demands an International Progressive Front


A New Authoritarian Axis Demands an International Progressive Front

Bernie Sanders

There is a global struggle taking place of enormous consequence. Nothing less than the future of the planet – economically, socially and environmentally – is at stake.

At a time of massive wealth and income inequality, when the world’s top 1% now owns more wealth than the bottom 99%, we are seeing the rise of a new authoritarian axis.


I totally agree with Bernie:

“Such a movement must be willing to think creatively and boldly about the world that we would like to see.”

And that’s why I’m so disappointed that he chooses to take the uncreative and cowardly route of maintaining allegiance to the d-party.

You’ve been pursuing the reform-from-within strategy for decades now, Bernie: That shit isn’t working.


Bernie just misses the Cold War.
And he’s determined that if it is re-run, as he hopes that it will be, this time he intends to be on the winning side in the US media. Leading public opinion-pushing for sanctions, encouraging the warmongers (those F35s are really important in Vermont) and on the same side as the oligarchy which runs America (in comparison with which the minority of Russia’s kleptocrats who side with Putin is Little League).
Only, to do him credit, Bernie has a favour to ask of the masters of the Universe “Would you please go along with a restoration of the sort of neo-welfare state that FDR and LBJ were cobbling?” Please. Pretty please.


Bernie, I supported you in the last election, but please, may I ask: Didn’t you learn your lesson in the last election, (because I did) that the democratic party is so corrupt that it cannot in my view, be reformed?


Authoritarianism is an attack on values of the Enlightenment. Uphold those values is what is needed. It is key that truth matters. Central to all efforts must be supporting institutions that focus and deep thinking and seeking the truth. This is needed to counter social media which focuses on shallow thinking and what gets the strongest emotional reactions. This facilitates authoritarianism since democracy requires evaluating complex arguments, not simply likes, shares, etc.


Good going Senator Bernie Sanders, but let’s attempt to imagine how military empire causes unintended blowback. You say, “In Russia, it is impossible to tell where the decisions of government end and the interests of Vladimir Putin and his circle of oligarchs begin. They operate as one unit.”

So I ask; What would Russia be like if the US had not continuously attacked the place since almost immediately after its revolution. What would the world be like if it were not frightened by the aggressive and terrorist US military empire? Putin has stabilized Russia after US depredation.


Bullshit Bernie. Russia, the middle east, and Asia is going more Authoritarian??? Saying it doesn’t make it so. Russia hasn’t changed since Putin came in power which was quite a while ago. China? Don’t make me laugh…they are certainly Authoritarian…just like they have been since the Great Revolution only not as much. What about America Bernie…after all we are leading the Authoritarian charge into outright fascism.

Bernie until the day comes you break from those bastards in the Democratic Party, your message will forever be tainted and therefore meaningless.


“It is not acceptable that, with the cold war long behind us, countries around the world spend over $1tn a year on weapons of destruction, while millions of children die of easily treatable diseases.”

Now here is a factor that need your full attention Mr. Bernie Sanders along with the NSA and the rest of our police state. And why do you think this country has influence ? Could it be the 800 and some military bases around the globe?


I will NEVER understand how this man can be so RIGHT ON (MOST of the time) and still cling to the filthy coattails of the damnocrats!
**(Although, I agree that he is NOT “right on” in his lack of including U.S. empire in his points.)


Nailed it, Garrett!


Psst, Skeptic, the reform-from-within that Sanders is pursing is coming from within progressive movements that are appearing all over the country. And the genesis of those movements are definitely NOT coming from within the Democratic party.

You’re quite welcome. Always glad to help the blind.


Good going Garrett Connelly, but let’s attempt to imagine that we’re being at least half way accurate about history. The US didn’t attack Russia “almost immediately after its revolution”. The US didn’t become a major world player until after WWII. Then it got into it big time.

During the Revolution the Soviets had actual socialism for about the number of weeks that we have fingers on one hand. Then the Bolsheviks took over. Beyond that, Russia never had actual socialism. The Soviet leadership called themselves socialists to hide behind the good name socialism had worldwide. The west was only too glad to call them socialists to defame socialism by associating it with a totalitarian state. And it was. It was Noam Chomsky who, in his insightful way, said that the fall of the Soviet Union was a major boost for socialism. Real socialism does not have a centralized government. And what country in the world doesn’t have a centralized government.

Americans have been subjected to the strongest propaganda for a century. But during the Cold War it was propaganda on steroids. There’s a video on Youtube about Chomsky getting right to the core of the issue like few could. You might have seen it but for others here’s the url:

A handful are sitting in yard chairs, very informally, discussing the Cold War. One says, ‘you can’t trust the Russians…they don’t keep their word…they break treaties…they’re not a nation like other nations’. Chomsky immediately replies, 'How about this…you can’t trust the Russians…they don’t keep their word…they break treaties…because they ARE a nation like other nations.

Governments don’t tell the truth. All governments.


Hey, Astroturf, how’s the right-wing, lying, propaganda and trolling business going? You dirt balls haven’t changed your MO for some time now, have you. It’s really sounding stale, know what I mean, trollie? We realize you crypto-Nazis have all the imagination of a bowel movement, with the intelligence to match, but chrissake, trollie, what’s it take to flip the record over once in a while?

FDR and ‘neo-welfare’, you say. It wasn’t the New Deal that brought about the Taft-Hartley Act. And for all the flaws of Truman, he did veto that anti labor bill. It was your boys who initiated and passed that legislation. Isn’t that right, trollie. Indeed, far right. By the way, trollie, do you right-wing scumbags get wi-fi in those dung piles you live in? Just curious.


2016- Chuck Schumer: " “For every blue-collar Democrat we lose in western Pennsylvania, we will pick up two moderate Republicans in the suburbs in Philadelphia."

2018- Bernie Sanders: “For every anti-war, real progressive I lose in bashing Russia, I will pick up two establishment, Clinton supporting phony progressives in the clutches of the Democratic Party.”

-maybe it will work for Bernie when it didn’t for Chuck-


I’m guessing you haven’t heard about the new rule change in the dem party. Sanders type candidates will never get as close as he did in 2016, there is no progressive movement.


Truth? Whose truth? Fox News has truth, and so do its followers. Their truths aren’t mine. Hillary Clinton had a version of the truth, and anyone that didn’t share that with her was a fill in the blank. In this system, you can create your own reality if you have enough money. Buy enough politicians, and the truth is that this particular globalization is inevitable and there are no alternatives. They will all sing the same tune. Pay enough, and single payer is a pipe dream, so I am told. Or, fracking is the bees knees. If you own a network like CNN and get lots of advertising revenue from interests that don’t want to discuss climate change, then CNN will pretend that there is a debate where there isn’t one. If you have enough money and power, you can get “journalists” to ask how we could pay for single payer, and when it is explained to them over and over again different ways it could be paid for and when it gets explained to them that the system would save us money, the journalists (like with global warming) pretend to not hear that stuff either. So, we can never move on in the discussion, based on the objectively reality that single payer systems have less overhead/waste, cost less and have less social costs. That’s the reality. So, in modern America, there is no fucking objective reality because those with money and power don’t like what objective reality shows us. They can create their own realities, and the DCCC and the people you support are great examples. Those people get to pretend that the third way 90’s DLC stuff is the way forward indefinitely, even if that is clearly not the case anymore. The truth is that the stuff you support led us here and got us Trump. And because the people you support don’t want to radically change anything, the context that produced Trump will not go away either.


John 10:10 - My interpretation of the Bible verse - The Shaman Thieves steal from us our air, water and soil and kill our planet. FYI- This is not a Christian response and I am spiritual and not religious. I believe what Bernie is saying is part of all beliefs. I want all of us to band together as homo sapiens to save each other and the planet in this crusade.


Psst, the “reform from within” schtick has been played out for decades now with only a steady drift to the right as a result.
Primarily because the democratic party exists for the sole purpose of absorbing and stifling any emerging social movements.
You are quite welcome. Always glad to help the blind.


Recon, yes I’ve read the Intercept stories and seen videos on that. We know that the DNC thought Sanders would just be a progressive window dressing when he announced his candidacy for the 2016 primaries. They must have shit bricks when his campaign message was revealed and the reaction by the public to that campaign. He’s been persona non grata ever since and he knows that. During his campaign the DNC and the MSM damned him wih feint praise, when he got any mention at all. The DNC Dems are and have been shoring up against threats to their wealthy donor system of pretend democracy. Movements at all levels along with local/state elections are where the push for change is coming. No national figure has a greater influence on those movements and elections than Sanders.

Recall what was said of Sanders in the past two years in just this comment section alone. During the primaries he was condemned by self stated socialists for not being a ‘real’ socialist. That he was insulting the memory of Eugene Debs. Who was behind that? During the elections Sanders was reviled as a quitter and sellout along with suggestions that the whole election was a charade and why dignify it by voting at all. Thus trying to get non-GOP voters to not vote. Who was behind that? Since then there’s been more of the same. Charges that the Dems can’t be reformed… that popular movements are the only choice and hope. Yet what national figure is better know as a force for movements, for resistance and promoting local and state progressive candidates than Sanders. The very expose of the planned ‘fix’ of potential candidates on the national level by the DNC Dems puts the lie to all the charges about Sanders being a flunky for the Dems.

Those who quoted Debs as saying he – would rather lose for someting he believed in than win for something that he didn’t – did not take into account that Debs was fighting for the public, actual people. It was not an exercise of ego valor or high moral standards but for the most important of reasons. The lives of real people. Only the GOP could field a candidate that made Hillary Clinton the ‘lesser of two evils’. (If I had a single wish granted by some magic genie it would be to have instant runoff elections. The benefits from that are almost incalculable). Sanders isn’t going to reform the Democratic party single handed like some action Summer flick. That’s beyond delusional. Attacks on Sanders point to a straight forward reason. He represents the single biggest figure in resisting the status quo. 2 + 2 is still 4, even in the digital age.


Yo, Tarsus. That ‘reform from within’ schtick is how trolls frame it. Now if you’re going to parrot what I’m saying at least get it right. What Sanders is pursing is what many progressive movements are pursing and has nothing to do with DNC Dems. Capisce?