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A New Authoritarian Axis Demands an International Progressive Front


It is working to some extent, for progressives and socialists like Bernie to infiltrate the Democratic Party and push it to the left where it ought to be, but change takes time. It could work faster if more people would help us. I have seen big changes take place this year. The dislike for Trump and the naked greed, the corruption, lies and bigotry and the massive assault on the environment by Trump and the republicans in Congress has woken many more people up. Bush woke me up already years ago and many of us are hopping mad! I will probably always be very angry until the day I die, but “anger can be power if you know how to use it” as the Clash once said. There are hundreds of new progressive candidates running. There have been battles against the corporate democrats and progressives have won some of them, and more battles are coming. Taking over the Democratic Party from the inside and from the outside and making it the People’s Progressive Green Party is the only way that I can see working. This is happening right now for the first time and we are not going to quit or stop no matter what anyone says. Do you really think that third parties have the number of members to get enough candidates on the ballot in every race? No they don’t. Do third parties have the political power to beat the republicans and win elections? No they don’t! The Green Party is great, but they cannot even get elected. They get one percent of the vote in every election. That will get them nowhere fast. They have great candidates and a great platform, but if they can’t get elected it does no good at all.

The easiest and quickest way to get reform is by reforming the Democratic Party the same way that the Tea Party turned the Republican Party to the far right wacko party for evil, we progressive, socialist and green democrats can unite and transform the Democratic Party into becoming the ordinary American citizen’s party for good, by first, stopping the evil republicans, which is very hard to do. And second, by getting better candidates to run in the Democratic Party primaries and by voting in the primaries to vote out the bad democrats, who are the corporate DINOs, and by voting in the better progressive democrats and getting them on the ballot. We can make the Democratic Party be the party that we want, but it takes time and a lot of hard work.

The same thing has to happen in any party anyway. If the Greens or another third party got to the point that it could replace the democrats and challenge the republicans then it would still have the same problems as the Democratic Party has now after awhile. Bad phony Green Party candidates who would be bought off by corporations would get in, because that is what happens to ANY and EVERY party that gets to the point of being able to have the power to upset the status quo. Do you think that just because a candidate runs for the Green Party as opposed to the Democratic Party that they would always be the best candidate? They may be good now because they haven’t got a prayer in hell of getting elected, but once they start really challenging the corporate agenda then bad guys will get bad phony Greens to run, or pay them off or bribe or corrupt the Green candidates just as has happened to the democrats. It will take fifty or more years before the Green Party can get the strength of membership and the political power to really challenge the major parties and once they do there will be fake Green Party candidates owned by corporations who will lie their way into office and betray the Greens who elected them, just as has happened to the democrats and the republicans. The republicans are completely hopeless, they are one hundred percent evil to the core.

Just because a candidate runs for a third party doesn’t make them a plaster saint immune to corruption. This is why we the people have to watch carefully and hold our elected officials accountable and vote them out in the primaries when they vote and act against our needs and wishes. This will happen no matter what party one is in. A rose by any other name will still smell just as sweet. We could have Green Dog democrats instead of Blue Dog democrats. The point is to take over and infiltrate the Democratic Party because it is a strong and powerful party that can win and we can force it to work for us and to do what is needed. I believe that this can be done quicker and easier than starting over from scratch.

Many many more people must vote in the primaries and vote out the bad or corporate democrats. We need to find out about newer and better candidates and get the message out to the voters before the primaries so that they can vote better ones in and we can make progress. We will make no progress until many more Americans care enough to get much more personally involved. We can’t wait for others to do it, so we all must do it ourselves. Democracy is self government. For far too long the American people have not voted better candidates onto the ballot in the primaries. Most Americans don’t bother to vote in the primaries at all, or don’t even know about the primaries and how this works, or doesn’t work for that matter, and then they only have a choice between the lesser of two evils in the general elections, a generic democrat or a generic republican or a third party candidate that no one has ever heard about and who has no chance of winning, because those were the only choices on the ballot. Voting in the primaries is the only way that better candidates can get onto the ballot and we must get better people to run or run ourselves. If dummy Michele Bachman can get elected to Congress anyone can! Not enough of us voting in the primaries to get Bernie to win the primary and get on the ballot instead of Clinton, and the corruption of the process by corporate dems and not getting better candidates, is at least partly why ninety million Americans didn’t vote in the general election in 2016 and this is what got us Trump and all the republicans in Congress and state governorships. The result is that now we have Gorsuch, and probably Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, massive toxic pollution, uranium mining in the Grand Canyon and drilling, fracking and mining in our National Parks, National Monuments, and public lands and oceans, and the destruction of the EPA, $2 trillion tax giveaways to the one percent and hundreds of other bad things that the evil republicans are now doing that are very bad for America and bad for all Americans.

Republicans are enemy #1 and the bad democrats are enemy #2 but we can win because there are many more of us than any other group, but we can only win if we vote and get involved, much more involved, vote in every primary and every general election for the BEST candidate, even if it is the lesser of two evils because at least Mrs. Clinton would not have appointed Kavanaugh or Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, or gutted the EPA or tried to take health care away, or given $2 trillion to the one percent and tried to pay for it on the backs of the poor and ordinary Americans, or taken children from their parents at the border, or kissed up to dictators and our enemies and attacked NATO and our allies or any other of the terrible things that Trump and the republicans have done and are continuing to do. Then, whenever democrats finally do get the power, we have to spend most of our time just fixing the mess that republicans have made, before we can make ANY progress and the longer republicans are in power the more of a mess they make. Therefore, if we want positive change, first we must get republicans out and KEEP them out. Everything republicans do these days is very bad, no exceptions, and they must be stopped! It’s a matter of life and death for all life on this planet!

Do you really think that any third party really has the strength and power to do battle with republicans and win? I know that they cannot. Therefore, why not get the Greens and Democratic Socialists to infiltrate and takeover the Democratic Party from within and change the leadership and make the Democratic Party work for us. No candidate is perfect, but we can get much better candidates and elect them in to replace the bad ones, it takes time, but it is the only way, except for armed revolution and that is too bloody and won’t work in the end anyway. What I suggest is the ONLY practical way forward and Bernie knows this. If we want Bernie for President in 2020, and I do, then we must all come out and vote for him in the democratic primary, so go and get yourself registered as a democrat so that you can vote Bernie in and get everyone that you know to go with you and vote him in in the primary in 2019 so he gets on the ballot. I’ll do the same. I want Bernie for President and Liz Warren for Vice President just in case Bernie gets too old or too sick. That’s one way to get a woman President, and I love Liz Warren!

If there is a better or quicker way, then please tell me what it is. It’s easy to criticize if you have no better solutions. We need solutions and we must get together and work for our common good. I want all the progressives on the left to unite and stop fighting amongst ourselves and work together for the best candidates we can get and not get hung up on it if they are not perfect all the time. In this case the perfect is the enemy of the good. Sure, I’d love to vote for the Green Party candidates, but it is a wasted vote because the Green candidates cannot get elected, but if the exact same candidate had run as a democrat and had won the democratic primary and got on the ballot as a democrat they COULD get elected into office and do just as much good as if they had run as a Green, and that way I could vote for them! A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet. Staying home and not voting or not participating won’t do anything except ensure that the worst democrats and the evil republicans will always win. We have got to fight and we fight with our votes and getting better candidates to run in a party that has the strength to win. This is happening right now, and some better, further left, progressive candidates are running. They have won their primaries and now all we have to do is come out in November and vote them into office.

If we don’t like the leadership of the Democratic Party then we can change it and vote them out. I say we can, but it won’t happen overnight. We have neglected it for too long and too many Americans do not even vote or get involved at all. Apathy, cynicism, discouragement and giving up is our greatest enemy. It’s time to get really angry and fired up and work to make positive change happen. Votes are our bullets in this political war and we must fight to win and do whatever it takes to win as our opponents are much more well funded with almost unlimited Koch brothers money, a massive right wing media machine, and they are willing to cheat and lie and use any tactic whatsoever in order to get elected and we are being out gunned. We have the numbers though, if we can just wield them. They have about 35 percent of the population on their side no matter what happens. We need voters who are just as dedicated to the cause to always come out and vote for the furthest left candidates we can get on the ballot that appear to really care, are right on the issues, and who are willing to fight for us little guys and who can’t be bought.

I can’t be bought for any price myself, but I am too sick and unwell and in chronic pain to run for any office or else I would run myself. No one would ever corrupt me! I don’t care about money. I only care about ordinary Americans like myself, and things like having universal non profit health care for all and fighting climate change and cleaning up our environment, and stopping war and greed and corruption . We humans, and especially the evil republicans, and other evil greedy men around the world, like Putin and his oligarchs, are destroying the priceless things of this earth for mere money, it is insane, and it must stop or we will bring ourselves to causing a catastrophic disaster of biblical proportions and perhaps even kill off the entire human race and most, if not all life on this planet in the bargain, and turn our precious beautiful planet, our only home, into a hideous ugly toxic waste dump of death. It’s already happening, every day it gets worse, especially because of Trump and the republicans. It pains and grieves me terribly! Every day I want to scream like the person in Edvard Munch’s painting The Scream, but it won’t help anything to scream and no one will hear me or care anyway. I haven’t heard my favorite song bird, the white throated sparrow sing for over six years now. I may never hear it sing again, except on a recording. It may seem small and unimportant to some people, but one by one the pieces of the natural web of life are going missing, because we inhuman humans have killed them off and we are not immune from this extinction either. The Monarch butterflys and Luna moths are gone too. The orcas, the whales, and the polar bears are starving to death and being killed in wanton ways, and all of nature is under every kind of unprecedented assault and the cruel, greedy, evil, mean men who are doing this will never be satisfied until there is nothing left to live for and no place left unspoiled or unpoisoned. It hurts me every day as if they are plunging a dull sword through my heart over and over again!

So vote, vote in the primaries and vote for the best candidate that has a chance of beating the evil republicans, as only candidates that can win can do us any good in Congress or the White House. And don’t forget that there are some good, not perfect, but good democrats like Liz Warren, Kamala Harris, Rho Hanna, Mark Pocan, and many others. We just need to help inform other voters who the good ones are and why and who the not so good ones are and why and then run better candidates against them in the primaries and then get out and vote them in and vote the bad ones out. This is the only way it is done no matter what party one votes for. If we want better candidates, then getting better candidates to run, running oneself, and voting in the primaries is the only way to get them. Now write back and tell me what you think.

Chris Hayes had a good meeting with Michael Moore in Flint, Michigan on TV last night where people spoke about how the system isn’t working well and they discussed why voters don’t vote. The voters who don’t vote want to be inspired by a candidate before they will vote for them, but this won’t always be possible. We must all participate as much as we can, even when the candidates are not inspiring us, it matters just to keep the very evil republicans out of office. It ought to be the patriotic duty of every American citizen to vote in every election and every primary election and do all that they can to donate and participate in our democratic process. I hate what the republicans are doing to our country and the planet and I want to stop them any way I can and that motivates me enough, but I do want better candidates if I can get them. I’ll come out and vote no matter what, because people have died to secure my right to vote and it’s my patriotic duty to vote and because voting and participating is the only way we can win and make things better and keep them from getting worse. It is our only hope. I say democracy, use it or lose it! I’d rather die than live in a right wing dictatorship! And I will fight and vote to stop the polluters and the greedy, selfish, bigoted liars who don’t care any way I can.


Classes against masses does not change; unless the masses, first off, recognize this fact and decide to put an end to the dictatorship of the two top classes: Monied class and the ‘elite’ [so-deemed] class.

Is Sanders also part of the Second Class? And not only in class’ thinking but also behaving and acting?

Cannot prove either. But i dare think it! For one huge problem, Sanders is still a Democrat; thus, not a democrat!


Yes, but we cannot undo the past, we must think about the present and the future. We also have to deal with the present reality that America, ever since WW II has kept an ongoing military industrial complex operating and producing weapons of war and mass destruction and a war machine that continually uses up these products, going on year after year by promoting and finding endless reasons to engage in wars for profit that are payed for by a seemingly endless stream of federal income tax money. This massive enterprise continues profitably running full tilt to this very day.

So first, after the end of WW II, we created a tremendous hysterical fear of communism that was so intense that we were willing to manufacture so many hydrogen bombs that between America and the USSR we could destroy this entire planet and all life on it, all because of an insane paranoid fear of a form of government! A form of government was what was used as something to be so terrified of that we were willing to destroy ALL life on this planet, including our own lives and our own children’s lives forever??? Mutually assured destruction is not just MAD it is INSANE! No form of government is worth destroying all life over! What were we thinking? Where there is life their is hope. They sold us the idea that nuclear weapons were bombs for peace! Peace? What peace? We haven’t had much real peace ever since these bombs were created. And of course nuclear weapons have done nothing to create real peace at all, as we have been in almost endless conventional wars ever since, so what has been the benefit? And today we now know that twice either America or the former Soviet Union or both of us had almost unleashed all of these hydrogen bombs and almost destroyed all life on earth because of two separate mistakes. The entire world has just barely avoided total global annialation by the skin of our teeth on two occasions for no more than two separate mistakes, and this serious danger still exists!!! Every day we survive under these circumstances is truly a miracle!!! What kind of real security does this state of affairs actually provide? I think that life was much better before these horrible deadly nuclear weapons were ever invented.

Then, when the Cold War ended, thankfully with a whimper, rather than with a bang, the war profiteers had to come up with another excuse for our continued war for profit machines, because in all human history, there is nothing more profitable than war. I believe that 911 was an inside job, or at least partly an inside job, because Osama bin Laden refused to take any credit whatsoever for the biggest attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor, even though it was a crime and not a real Pearl Harbor attack upon us by another country such as Japan in that instance. If Osama bin Laden had really wanted to commit 911 he would have been very proud of it. It doesn’t make any sense that he would deny it five times if he had been involved. I won’t get into all of why I believe that 911 was at least partly perpetrated by some well positioned American citizens in this country, because that goes way off topic, but I refer you to Engineers and Architects for 911 truth or something like that, there is a good website which describes the fact that massive amounts of nanothermite were found at ground zero and microscopic nanothermite particles could only have gotten there if nanothermite explosives had been used, and these explosives could only have been obtained at that time from the Pentagon. Therefore, how then could it have been possible for any real Islamic terrorists to have gotten ahold of any nanothermite explosives? Besides, it would have taken many weeks or months to load up the twin towers and building seven with enough nanothermite explosives to do the job, and have it properly wired to create the necessary controlled demolitions, and it would have been prohibitively expensive for any terrorists such as those accused to have been able to pay for all that, as well as they would never have had the expertise with how to properly wire it. In addition, it is interesting that all of those buildings were undergoing constant elevator repairs and access to the internal support columns of those buildings where those explosives would have had to have been placed is through those very same elevator shafts. There were also reports of people seeing men entering the buildings carrying large rolls of cables as they were leaving to go home for the weekend on the Friday evening right before 911. And all of this seems very suspicious to me.

Therefore, I believe that because in 1991 when the USSR collapsed, that the Cold War was then over, and the American war machine and its excessive military spending, and all the supposedly anti communist activities that America’s military was involved with in third world countries all over the world could no longer be justified, so that therefore another reason for endless war for profit had to be created in order to keep the lucrative profits flowing. Therefore, I believe that 911 was perpetrated on the American people in order to start the endless and very profitable Global War on Terror, as well as to justify legislation such as the horrible, and in my opinion unpatriotic Patriot Act. This may also have been part of Dick Cheney’s Project for the New American Century, although I have never fully read that entire document. Anyway, this way the twin towers could be demolished without the formerly needed expense of one billion dollars, which would have otherwise been necessary in order to safely abate the massive amounts of asbestos insulation that was in those buildings. This safe abatement of asbestos would have cost many times more than what the WTC buildings were worth, because the owners had wanted to replace the WTC with a new Freedom Tower for years but had been unable to do so due to these costs. However, if the buildings were destroyed in a terrorist attack it could save them all of that expense. Evidence from securities fraud committed after the collapse of the Soviet Union and evidence from the ENRON trial, the PG& E trial involving Erin Brockovitch, and the Worldcom trial could also be convieniently destroyed all at the same time. After all, many of America’s sociopathic wealthy elites like Mr.Trump have little to no regard for the lives of ordinary working class Americans, and 911 is not the only example of this wanton disregard for the lives of ordinary Americans in American history, and even today with examples such as the ongoing Flint, Michigan water crisis and the way the citizens of Puerto Rico were treated after hurricane Maria. These American perpetrators, I believe got this idea from a previous attack on the WTC where Islamic terrorists had tried and failed to blow up the WTC with a truck bomb. I know a bunch more facts, but I do not know all that I need to know about this topic. Therefore, there are far too many strange facts and unanswered questions and far too few believable answers being given to these questions by the government, for me to have much faith that what we have been told about 911 in the official narrative is anywhere near to the truth.

Anyway, some excuse has to always be found to keep our very profitable American war machine going. It employs massive numbers of Americans and costs more than one half of all federal taxpayer dollars each year, that of course is a perpetual gravy train of money for defense contractors. America has been at war almost endlessly ever since the end of WW II. How could anyone ever get this government or this country to stop this very profitable enterprise? It’s just too entrenched and far too profitable. It provides endless ways to reward people for campagn contributions by assigning them no bid government defense contracts and is a great way to get away with massive amounts of fraud, waste and abuse, especially as the defense department has never been audited, even though an audit is supposed to be finally underway.

It makes me angry that the anti war protests ended as soon as the Vietnam war was ended and ever since the draft was ended no one has cared much about war, war deaths, or the massive waste of money and lives and the massive destruction and pollution that is caused every year to our environment by our overblown military. People don’t care so much about being anti war anymore, because they no longer have to worry about personally being drafted, so they can just figure that if people volunteer for the military then if they get killed or maimed that those people who volunteered must have known what they were possibly getting in to when they enlisted, and this has kept the anti war sentiment quieted down to a mere whisper for decades, allowing the massive war machine to operate smoothly without any worry about complaints from the American public. Making our military all volunteer was a brilliant public relations move by our government. Apparently the American public does not care very much about war as long as they don’t have to serve in it themselves personally, but this is a very serious ethical and moral mistake and reveals just how self centered, apathetic, amoral, and spoiled most Americans really are, or have become ever since the sixties.

I am a normal red blooded patriotic American citizen who served in the Air Force, don’t get me wrong, but I just don’t want us to engage in war lightly or for reasons other than for our true national defense, but for profit instead, or in other wasteful, wanton and unnecessary ways. I am also very concerned about the tremendous waste of taxpayer money that could be better spent on health care and education and cleaning up our environment. I am very upset as well about our country going to war and recklessly killing and maiming too many innocent civilians in ways that were revealed by some of the classified footage released to WIkiLeaks by Seargent Chelsea, Bradley Manning regarding civilian killings in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as revealed in books written on this topic. Lately, it has become apparent that our military is involved in horrible unnecessary civilian deaths and a terrible humanitarian crisis and near genocide happening in Yemen. It seems that our war machine keeps on getting more and more wantonly brutal as time goes by.

There is also the way that children are indoctrinated into war and militarism by the new ways that children are treated when they visit military bases these days. I have become aware that young children visiting military bases are encouraged to play a kind of video game that is actually used to kill people with drone strikes during these visits and they are sold pro war tee shirts and encouraged to sit and play on military planes and tanks and to play with the giant guns. I saw kids playing on military equipment in a carnival like Disneyland of war for children atmosphere and it gave me a very foul taste in my mouth because it seemed that we were making war and killing too much like a fun game rather than something serious and somber that involves the deaths of real human beings. They were selling war replica toys and balloons and cotton candy and all kinds of snacks and taking pictures of kids posing with tanks and war guns. It was treated way too lightly and with too little respect for human life and death for my taste. War is not a game or an amusement park. Killing other human beings is not a sport, or a simple profitable money making enterprise. War must never be undertaken lightly, but only when there is no other alternative and then only reluctantly, respectfully and somberly with proper respect.

So anyway, Bernie, and any other members of our government or society who dare to stand up to the excesses and abuses of our military industrial complex in any way that they can, are to be commended rather than criticized, and they can use all of the support they can get, because there are just too many powerful entrenched forces in this country for it to be very easy or even possible to stop America’s addiction to greed and war. Anyone who dares to speak out against excessive militarism in America is perhaps even putting his or her own safety, or life in danger, as war is just too profitable and those involved in these profits will not appreciate any resistance to this state of affairs. I wish that this were not so because I believe that if wars were made non profit that we would have a lot less of them.


I’m in agreement with Sanders and with Yanis Varoufakis as well but while progressives are gaining ground in the democratic party, such an alliance against fascism cannot come from a party or system so tied to and dependent on Wall Street and the military-industrial sector (the roots of fascism). Progressive leaders need to address state and federal electoral laws to break the partisan duopoly and the influence of money. They then need to break free and form a progressive-populist party. Of course the corporate media will attack such a move. Nothing is possible without an organized mass movement focused on a relatively straightforward agenda not weakened with an endless list of political correctness and identity politics but focused specifically on economic justice, Environmental responsibility and prioritizing the common good.


The Democrats have made no real effort in seventy years to repeal Taft Hartley. They rather liked it: it forced all the militants out of the Trade Union leadership and replaced them with CIA approved bureaucrats.
The reality is that the Democrats that you support are an international nuisance, worse than the Republicans because they put a happy face on imperialism and bail out the capitalist class while telling the people it must be done.
As to the Sanders view on the ‘hacking’ of the DNC computers he blames the ‘Russians’ for revealing the details on the cheating of his supporters of which he appears to approve. In fact that is what this speech of his is about- Russia bashing for the Deep State.
Then there is Israel, there is an authoritarian state, run by fascists, knee deep in racism. A Jim Crow enterprise on the Mediterranean and what does Bernie say?
You might consider spending a little less time honing your abusive language and a trifle more learning about what lies behind the empty slogans that you mouth.


OK, so what do you suggest that we ordinary Americans do about this horrible state of affairs? I will never vote for any republican, as far as I am concerned the republicans are all completely evil. Even many former republicans are leaving the party because it is so bad and some republicans are even donating to democrats this election. I realize that many democrats are bad and some are as bad as the republicans, but not all democrats are evil. And then we have third party candidates who never get more than one percent of the vote anyway most of the time, and a handful of independents. So who SHOULD we vote for then? Or should we all just give up and head for the hills or bury our heads in the sand or perhaps move to Uruguay or sign up for a trip to Mars? What do you suggest that we do? Under the circumstances it doesn’t seem unreasonable to me to at least work with others to try to reform the Democratic Party. We can vote third party if they have a candidate in the race and if they seem like good candidates, but how can a third party candidate or candidates if elected do anything to hold Trump and the republicans accountable in Congress after November? I don’t think that there are enough third party candidates running for every office to be able to avoid voting for either democrats or republicans at all times. What do you suggest as alternatives?


Good post! I agree. I think some of these posters are just trying to get people to give up and not vote. That plays right into the hands of the evil republicans in my opinion. Why purge voting rolls if you can just get people to self purge themselves by not voting for anyone and not participating at all. Sure, tell everyone there is no hope at all, all the candidates are all bad, why bother to vote, and everyone can just stay home while we get a right wing corporate fascist dictatorship installed while everyone is hiding their heads in the sand because after all all politicians are all bad and we should never vote for anyone. It might be fashionable and safe to be cynical and jaded but how does it do any good? I say that when government is bad that that is not the time to give up and go home, but the time to get even more active and work even harder. What other real choices do we have anyway? If we give up nothing will ever get better. We must keep fighting. And there are no perfect candidates, so there is no point waiting for any to show up. We are not supposed to vote only for perfect candidates, just the best candidate and if you see it as the lesser of two evils we’ll so be it, we have no other real choice until the next set of primary elections where perhaps we can choose better candidates to run or get someone better to run or run ourselves. I’m not ready for armed revolution, and I don’t think that will help anyway, look at Syria and Egypt for instance, so using the democratic process is all we’ve got right now and that means that the more people who participate the better it will work. I just don’t see any other way and I’m not giving up or getting too cynical no matter what happens or what anyone else says. If we don’t try we can never succeed. It took Edison 10,000 tries and failures before he made the electric lightbulb. He didn’t give up, and neither will I.


No one is worse than the republicans! However, no one else is perfect either. Are there any candidates that you do actually like?


Because he is not a true Progressive.


Well, good luck with that ‘participate even when the candidates are not inspiring us’ strategy.

And thank your lucky stars for Trump. He’s resurrecting your party from the dead.


What IS a “true progressive”? PERFECTION?


You say no one is worse than the Republicans?
I don’t know how I could score points with so many failings all around. I wish I could have Trump’s foreign policy with Bernie’s domestic policy. Trump has calmed down Iran, Russia, and South Korea. Bernie is great for the values he holds regarding quality of life.

But I believe, along with many here, that war is our biggest problem.

  1. It is the biggest single expense of the US so we’d all have more wealth if it would stop, all around the world with our foes as well as our allies.
  2. It is the biggeat source of pollution.
  3. the biggest cause of untimely death.

Want to live longer, have more income, less pollution, Bernie? Maybe even reduce the numbers of fearful dictators? Bring all the soldiers home!!!


Yes, there are candidates that I like. And others that I’d vote for with enthusiasm given the alternatives.
I expect that the experience is fairly general here. Where I differ is in refusing to sit back and say nothing when Bernie Sanders re-cycles Cold War/Imperialist propaganda because he knows that it tickles the ears of the MSM punditry and the DNC functionaries. Its his way of saying that, after all he’s just like them: afraid to tell the truth about Israel, afraid to oppose imperialism as a foreign policy, not to say a way of life.
The logic of Sanders’ politics is to say to the American people "We must learn to mind our own business, firstly in leaving other countries (Brazil, Honduras, Argentina, Venezuela, Syria, Libya, Ukraine and dozens of others) to work out their own political fates.
And secondly by employing the untold trillions spent on arms, the military and promoting fascists everywhere, in building the United States into the sort of decent, equal, free and generous society that, given Nature’s gifts to it, it ought to be.


Proving once again, he’s just one of them.


Bernie, this article says the Sec of State Clinton conspired to hide her crimes with lots and lots of help from Google. It also says that the hacker was that other big Asian power, not Russia. Finally it says that they likely can give us those lost emails.
Now Bernie, are you interested in them? Stopping war crimes is a worthy cause.



You and others certainly have a right to you’re opinions, but I am at a loss to understand why so many of you are clinging so desperately to the dem party. At some point you have to cut you’re losses and realize they don’t work for us anymore and haven’t for years. Does that make those of us who have, quitters, no, it makes us realists. And it would have made Bernie a realist if he would have been visionary enough to see it, and bold enough to pull the trigger, and walk away with most of the 99% voters and won the election. But he didn’t and wouldn’t, and now were stuck in this quagmire that’s spinning out of control, that we call the USA.
Resent history proves there is very little reform going on in the party, the old guard is seeing to that and evident in the link I provided above. We are in a time crunch to hang on to the fragments we call a Democratic Republic, and waiting years, if ever for, the dem party to be reformed will flush that Republic down the crapper.
You bring up Debs, who was a bold person, willing to risk everything for what he believed in. Do you honestly believe he would have hung around in hopes the dem party was going to change, in the situation we find ourselves in today ? I believe he would have done exactly what I described above, and went where his policies had a chance to flourish and protect the working class that he fought so hard for. If Bernie would have had Debs’ courage, we would still be in a fight, but the battlefield wouldn’t be tilted so far in the fascists direction.
I do appreciate you not belittling those of us who see this on this site, and would hope the others that do, will wake up before it’s too late.


Were not giving up, quite the opposite, were trying to wake you up, and save our country. I know of no one here with views like mine, who are trying to " get people to give up and not vote".
Flush the dem party brainwashing out, and let them go the way of the Whigs.


That US politicians are dominated by military empire and cannot say everything that would be necessary to lead us from capitalist species suicide to peace was not my point.

I supported Bernie and am disappointed he simply fell smoothly into blaming Putin for the modern Russian oligarchy while ignoring the rape of Russia by US politicians and bankers after the USSR disbanded. He speaks for plenty of good ideas inside our country and even encourages Palestinians to believe in themselves.

I do not claim Putin is an angel. Only that US politicians who ignore history and blame simple ideas are not being helpful no matter how popular they are. Mother Russia kicked everyone out of the nest because it could no longer afford keeping a nest full of all Genghis Kahn’s baby nations and be in an arms race with American capitalists milking the American people. US politicians are at the helm of grasping to build empire. If they don’t talk about it and obscure rank barbaric atrocities happening during their watch then they are part of it, in my opinion.


Very well said!


Hey Bernie,

Russia and various oligarchs there didn’t cause the US to invade and illegally occupy Iraq.

Nor did Russia cause the US to try to overthrow Assad in Syria.

Russia didn’t cause the US to side with anti-Russia oligarchs and overthrow the government of Ukraine in 2014.

Drop this. You know better.

Russia whatever problems it has is not some great menace, and the US as you know has plenty of its own oligarchs.