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A New Campaign to Hold Wall Street Accountable Emerges


A New Campaign to Hold Wall Street Accountable Emerges

Katrina vanden Heuvel

Wall Street’s big banks remain too big to fail and its bankers apparently too big to jail. If Wall Street is ever once more to serve Main Street rather than sabotage it, citizens will have to do the heavy lifting. Last week, a three-judge panel of the U.S.


History just keeps repeating itself, history tells us that these banksters and industrialist will take, take and take more until again the people rise and say enough is enough and then they step back until they build themselves back up because we never get rid of Feds and London banksters and all the Central Banks and IMF. We must take back the creation of money from banksters but don’t forget they are also trying to be the owners of our food supply, water supply and all things that we cannot live without. They want to control it all thru their ownership of seeds, utilities and indebting the public.


And they have the audacity to try to rate our credit and expect us to be honorable in paying our debts to them–or they crush us through the rigged justice system. These individuals are monsters–ruthless, relentless and corrupt.


Lets be honest who: other than those fleeced by the Wall street casino : has paid. Which banker did Obama put in jail. The dance that politicians do which ends up benefiting the donor class. “At the same time, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) called out Wall Street lobbyists who were “swarming this place,” pressing Congress to slip bank-friendly riders into must-pass legislation.” once Warren endorses Clinton her voyage to the dark side…


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“… as Warren made clear, Take on Wall Street is focused on what comes after the primaries. It vows to take the platform into the conventions of both parties. Its members plan both direct action and political action, forcing candidates to reveal whose side they are on. “We are going to make this an issue in congressional races. No one will be able to run from this,” said Trumka. All this will set the stage for a big push on financial reform in 2017.”

Actually, my “take on Wall Street” is that i would give pretty good odds that there will be another financial meltdown, before any effective reform gets pushed through Congress.

All the pieces are in place for another meltdown, and in fact there are tremors on a regular basis. It could happen any week, and there are a lot of weeks from now through 2017.

As a corollary: If they do manage to hold the financial economy more or less together through this year and into next, then the “Take on Wall Street” effort will make almost no real progress. But it’s probably good to have this effort in place, for when the meltdown happens.


“Obama’s push for financial reforms took the first steps”

When Obama took office in 2009 the too-big-to-fail banks controlled 25% of Us banking assets. When Obama moves out of the White House in January they will control nearly 50%

What first steps ? What push ? If there were ANY steps or pushes, they were steps and pushes backward.


Of course Bernie is on the right side of this argument but I think the key take away here is that it will take all of us fighting and staying involved to get the job done. There’s more of us than them and us are pissed off. We can take that anger and turn it into protest. If Bernie wins that’s what will make him successful, us at his back.


Dodd-Frank is not reform, it’s a joke. Harvard economist Ken Rogoff joked that that "Dodd-Frank was designed to deal with too-big-to-fail but it became too-big-to-read,” and too convoluted to be applied anywhere. As an example, every single financial institution was supposed to be subjected to a “stress test” and report back- JP Morgan alone has 3000 subsidiaries, and they have not done so. Enforcement zero. Meanwhile there has been no reduction in systemic risk of another Lehman, AIG or Citi bailout. Bring back the very simple and effective Glass-Steagall


Dodd-Frank, written by the too-big-to-fail banks to enhance their profits through complexity, and profits from confusion has achieved the banksters’ objective of weakening community banks that cannot escape the token hoops the legislation requires them to jump through.

Both Dodd and Frank are key people in the Philadelphia convention…probably to ascertain what their Wall Street funders expect from the Party for the next four years.


So I wonder how the blond lady who looks so good in blue will rationalize her support of Hillary Clinton after the convention? Google Dodd-Frank to see about how far her efforts will go no matter who is the Democratic nominee is or who wins the general election.



It’s not enough. We’ve gotta do more. We have to give this rotten
DNC and the Super-Citizens an ultimatum that they can’t ignore in this
close election:

“It’s Bernie or Trump you warmongering azzholes!
You Democrat flakes wanna lose another branch of government?
Do Ya?
We will never vote for Wall Street’s Clinton under any circumstances. At least Trump is an isolationist at heart and a critic of the Iraq War.”

There is something tangible we can do right now to help Bernie. Let’s fan out to the left Clinton sites and spread that bombastic message that the DNC will see.

He who hesitates is lost.

We’ve got to put hard pressure on these 700 super-delegates to dump Clinton again like they did in 2008.


Ban lobbying!


“We are the many, and they are the money,” he said. “We are going to win this fight if we stick to it.”

How can we beat the money if we dont’ get it out of politics?


“The coalition includes major supporters of both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.”
Well that’s laughable. If Hillary’s supporters think she is going to deliver the promise of the new campaign to hold Wall Street Accountable, they have not been paying attention. During one of the debates Clinton refused to say she would reinstate Glass-Steagall – one of the important steps of the agenda. A vote for Clinton or Trump is disaster.


Now that they think they have Bernie safely out of the way, Tin Lizzie can fake whine about Wall St. What a relief for her and how awkward it must have been to have a political revolution ready to take her at her word.
Don’t be fooled fam.
Don’t give up
If we must die let’s do it on our feet or wheelchairs or walkers but never on our knees!!!
Viva la Revolucion


Obama’s job is to turn:

Peace (Nobel Prize) into spreading wars

“Free trade” into a virtual imprisonment of citizens

The First Black President into a leader presiding over an even more blatantly racist U.S. police force

EVERYTHING Obama’s done is an inversion of what most took to be his campaign promises and stated policies.


There are two Obamas…the Obama whose track record you have succinctly summarized, AND brand Obama, the Obama that too many people continue to idolize because that is what they wanted him to be and continue to want him to be.


IF marketing the Presidency and marketing war constitute the new and proven forms of cognitive collateral, then the re-branding of every principle and policy under Obama and whomever is yet to come is part of the New World Order Program where Inversion is the key substitute for law, Truth, or anything genuine.


Goldman Sachs paid Hillary $675,000 in speaking fees, but she continues to refuse to release the transcripts. GS paid Bill over $1.5 Million. GS donated between $250,000 and $500,000 to the Clinton Foundation at the same time they were lobbying her State Dept.

But St. Warren refuses to endorse Bernie.

Why is that? Wake up. She’s just another big-talking Dem. I’m waiting for Warren to do anything other than talk about this mess.