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'A New Day in New York': City Council Passes Sweeping Climate Bill

'A New Day in New York': City Council Passes Sweeping Climate Bill

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

The New York City Council passed the world's "largest single carbon reduction effort that any city, anywhere, has ever put forward" on Thursday afternoon, marking a major milestone in the fight against the climate crisis.

The Climate Mobilization Act contains ten provisions for a greener New York.

"It's a new day," tweeted Council Speaker Corey Johnson.

Greener economies will produce a lot more and better paying jobs then the dirty polluting economy that typically cut corners to save money, pay less to worker, eleminate benefits while creating more pollution.


If Di Blasio is trying to get into this overly represented Democratic Presidential race, he is severely deluded. Mayor, you have not done enough for anyone to give a shit!

There are endless possibilities with Clean Green Energy and new Techologies which will all be used to begin cleaning up the Mess we are in. Organic Food, Fresh Water, Cleaner Air, and Infrastructure Repairs would keep us plenty busy on the planning end and would be an unlimited supply of new jobs on the building end. It would end the Recession as well. Everyone can participate … even Seniors who wish to keep working. As a New Yorker, this is the first positive news I’ve heard in a long time. This City is rotting away and needs a complete overhaul. We need new Mass Transit. The LIRR is a disgrace. More Tunnels and Trains. No passenger cars. Time to get started immediately!


When you cut CO2, you are also cutting poisonous nitrogen and sulfur oxides, ozone, and vast quantities of soot and particulates.
New Yorkers will finally be able to breathe deeply.
Thank you city council.
I expect that they trend will spread widely.


Subways will be the first to get wet. If the flood plain isn’t dammed up, diked up, adequately drained etc, moving to higher ground is inevitable.

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Once again the rest of the world watches a tardiness to address issues of grave importance. If it doesn’t include riches or power they, (the U.S. government) don’t want to pay for or even invest in our future.

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disappointed in this post as I have little idea what these 10 measures actually do so as to see if they could be replicated here. For example were bike lanes included? Incentives to reduce air conditioning/cooling demand?
I am impressed by New York’s willingness to toll cars entering congested mid-Manhattan, now that I can see can actually do some good by reducing driving and helping rebuild the transit system.

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That’s rather short on details but we trust no one’s thinking of promoting dirty wood biomass (like in pellets or chips) as some sort of “renewable energy”. It’s NOT. In a Climate Crisis timeline there’s no way logged forests can regain all the carbon lost to production and become carbon neutral. Dirty wood biomass is a real biomess!