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A New Fight Over Syria War Strategy


A New Fight Over Syria War Strategy

Gareth Porter

The long internal political struggle within the Obama administration over policy toward Syria has intensified following a proposal by President Barack Obama to cooperate with Russia in an air campaign against Al Qaeda’s Syrian franchise.


Very obviously, cooperation with Russia is key.

And very obviously, the unholy alliance of neocons and liberal imperialists can NEVER countenance any US cooperation with Russia.

Their long-term strategy has long been - and in their minds, this is unfolding now into their medium-to-near-term strategy - to defeat Russia and remove it from the "threats" to US global full-spectrum dominance.

And - again very obviously - hot war with Russia is "on the table" in their strategic planning sessions.

Thanks again to CD for continuing to re-publish Gareth Porter's strategic analysis and reporting here.


It's hard to believe anything Obama proposes. It may be a ruse or possibly he is just trying to clean things up a bit and, hence, his image in the last months of his term in office. I think it unlikely the players in Washington would allow the defeat of their terrorist armies after all the money and effort that was spent supporting them particularly Al Nusra. Even if Obama is sincere in his "cooperation" with Russia, he will not prevail.
One thing Mr. Porter doesn't mention is that the neo-cons seem to have "lost" Turkey". Here is the view from the Saker:




Never fear, when HRC goes in there will be a no fly zone but also a direct confrontation with Russia. Israel wants to get rid of anyone standing in the way of their dominance of the Middle East and Russia and Iran helping Assad is just not acceptable. Bibi wants it so HRC has to deliver it.


With the neoconservatives and liberal interventionists along the the MIC at the helm, the world's "superpower" quakes at the thought that there may every be a time of peace.