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A New Film Blows the Whistle on War

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/01/new-film-blows-whistle-war


Here is some whistle blowing from Consortium News:



If the press is the “fourth estate,” the cinema is arguably the “fifth estate.”

Then it would follow that, like the fourth estate, cinema is also an organ of state/corporate propaganda. This film may be an outlier, an exception rather than the norm.

See the book National Security Cinema by Matthew Alford and Tom Secker.


Gun is a courageous, but also lucky woman. She is most likely alive today because this story didn’t gain much traction in the press at the time.


My thoughts also. For all those great stories of courage the press likes to tell about itself, that is not so common. Same for guv-mints. There are a lot of illegal “orders” but few really do their duty to not follow those illegal orders.


Film journalism against the military-industrial complex (MIC) agenda for perpetual
war is fast and furious. But not to forget the slower, longer lasting images
of the printed word. So Julian Assange and WikiLeaks should also be honored
for their revealing of the mass murdering corporate elite serving the MIC.
And Assange, if he’s still alive, also told us, “secret truths at personal risk.”


Of course Cinema is an organ of the state/deep state and The PTB. Wasn’t it Brennan, Panetta and other members of the First Circle in the Clintonista/OhBummer Adms. that guided the makers of Zero Dark Thirty, among many other films. 9/11 has been covered almost as much as the Vietnam War has by now.
Who knows among the riff-raff what material is sourced and developed by our Alphabet Agencies? Your guess is as good as anyones is.
All we cinema lovers want is a fair-and-balanced approach to the skinny; the thin truth, right? ( That’s my sarcasm coming through, sorry. )

The words “documentary, or based on a true story,” would be helpful if that’s what they are.

“Official Secrets” supposedly came out in January. I’m not sure why it is considered a new movie these days. It arrived under my radar but I will rent it. I like the knife twisting in me. Makes me all the more aware that it can and likely will happen again.

Screw all of the BUSH-wackers in power.

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Bravery is not a quality of anyone in this current administration.

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That’s why mercenaries and paladins have been in great demand for several millennia. The emperors, kings and fearless leaders almost never want to sully their hands or jeopardise the wealth and power of the empire.
Same as it ever was…

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When the United States let George Bush’s administration get away with the war lies and war crimes that the world knew to be the truth, we gave a pass to all future leaders that such actions/behavior had benefit of cover. The is no such thing as justice.


Yeah, well Pelosi burst the bubble of “justice” by refusing to impeach Bush II. Just like she is doing now with Hair Trumpenfuhrer. Besides, O’bomber let the banksers off the hock for their causing the 2008 crash and paid them hamsomly for it besides.

It’s not that there is no justice. The system itself is rigged to cause the injustice, and for the crimes to be repeated over and over again.