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A New Low: First You Shoot Them, Then You Sue Them


A New Low: First You Shoot Them, Then You Sue Them

Adding more jaw-dropping insult to homicide, two white cops who killed young black men under seriously sketchy circumstances have sued their cities and victims' families, citing stress and racism. The Mississippi cop is crying discrimination; the Chicago cop seeks $10 million for "extreme emotional trauma” after he was "forced" to kill a college student for his "atrocious conduct," marking "a new low even for the Chicago Police Department."


"[u]tterly intolerable in a civilized community.": And it is precisely because "America" is NOT a civilized society that this wonton murder of black people persists, tolerated, instigated and rationalized.


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This HAS to stop. All of us (black,white,brown,red or yellow) need to speak out, protest, sign petitions or whatever we can to change the way police interact with people of color.
This is NOT an anti-police position. I hate when someone (i.e. Fox hosts and others) use that childish argument. It is a matter of decency and justice. There a re bad people in all races, but what is happening now, to Black Americans is beyond the pale. Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, Mike Brown, and so many others did not deserve to die.


A typical bully tactic: assault and then blame the victim. In 2016 any abuse , any vile, racist, degrading, homophobic, sexist, vicious behavior is the new cool, and the perpetrators are in our faces, smirking, and asking us whaddarewe gonna do about it? Eh?


The cop who murders an unarmed young man , then turns around and sues his family ??? This is a SLAPP [strategic lawsuit against public participation] suit on steroids . It gives a whole new dimension to the word chutzbar . It used to be illustrated by the example of the young man who murdered his parents , then pleaded to the court for mercy because he was an orphan . Since the Menendez brothers , this no longer has the traction it once had . I think this case will become the new illustration for the meaning of the word !