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A New Model in the Fight for Abortion Rights


A New Model in the Fight for Abortion Rights

Molly Selvin

Republicans insist that they care deeply about American families. But taken together, their actions in recent months—along with their inaction—on a string of modest and long-overdue proposals to improve the lot of poor and middle-income women and their families tell a different story. What the party really seems to care about are fetuses, and pretty much only fetuses.


I can understand moral objection to abortion if it is also accompanied with an anti-death penalty position as well. It says life is sacred. But for many people, life just isn’t that sacred, especially the GOP. Their position on just about everything, including abortion, is detrimental to all life on Earth in one form or another.

Saying that Planned Parenthood is racist because it positions its clinics close to black communities where the need is great, is actually a racist statement. The argument uses the race card to divide communities further on the issue of abortion, and gives racists a chance to look anti-racist while they take away women’s rights. If I were seeking to provide women’s health care services (including abortion) to the poor, then I would likely set up shop where poor women are. Because first trimester abortion is a voluntary procedure, the mere presence of a clinic in a black community does not suggest a racist agenda on the part of the provider. It does indicate a racist agenda on the part of the opposition when it is used to bolster a specious argument for withholding a woman’s right to determine her own healthcare decisions and in the case of an unwanted pregnancy, her very destiny.

For those opposed to abortion don’t get one. I’m an American. I’m a kinda free person with rights. I’ll be damned if I’ll let a bunch of guys in suits–who could care less about me and my existing children–tell me what I can and can’t do with my own body, and even worse, take away my right to make that decision. If the women in this country were trying to outlaw Viagra, this outrage over abortion would pale in comparison.


Well done, lobo4justice! Thank you.