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A New Nonviolent Medicaid Army Is on the March

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/04/new-nonviolent-medicaid-army-march


Medicaid is “states’-rights” healthcare
Medicaid Marchers are saboteurs
Repeal Obamacare
Medicare 4 ALL!


Reading this Inequality dot org piece by a co-writer who identifies herself as a life-long Pennsylvanian with a belief in her fellow citizens will and power… That reads and sounds all wrong to me in the face of facts about her home state. In the year of 2020 the state of Pennsylvania minimum wage has been $7.25 since 2009.

That is the U.S. federal minimum wage. That is a rock bottom result for this lifelong Pennsylvanian activist and the state’s Labor Movement. Any broadcast programs talking about 50 years of national Wage Stag-Nation? Anybody and any PA org working against 11 years and at least 3 tax-payer bail-outs for lenders. Yet never a bail-out for de-frauded borrowers of a profit-maximizing and share-holder rewarding financial services industry. Where executive compensation hasn’t faltered while inequality as well as homeowner foreclosure and renter eviction displacement keeps growing by leaps and bounds.

Correlated by the suicide rate:
See the quantification in ON THE MEDIA’s episode titled THE SCARLET ‘E’ (for evictions on a person’s credit history). Numbers crunched by Princeton University’s peer-reviewed researcher Matt Desmond of the Princeton University Evictions Lab and corroborates findings at street level via the homeless sales staff and editorial workers of STREETROOTS dot org in their April 5 2019 feature key-worded "connection between eviction and suicide.

Stay in yer state, work out your ideas for progress, get even a modest result and then report back to U.S.

Count how many Reader comments attended this rare recent Philadelphia Inquirer article by dogged financial industry muck raker Joseph DiStefano cited below on how the working class keeps losing out in policy-privileging to the investor class and unfettered global capitalist oligarchs who rule our lives. We have billionaire business persons lauded by the American Enterprise Institute or Cascadia Policy Institute or Koch-funded Cato Institute by our ‘serious adults,’ while everyone else is wearing clothing branded by some celebrated athlete or, errr celebrity (I don’t know what any Kardashian does professionally). Any nominations for what John Lennon dubbed in song a "Working Class Hero" ? How’s about Philadelphia Inquirer business beat investigative journalist Joseph DiStefano, not exactly positioning his journalism career favorably for advancement or job security. Search his articles and columns without ever having his work generate national agenda-setting coverage.

Now also note the absence of any organized labor movement to flood this newspaper with letters defending the brave journalist bucking his employers’ advertisers, who are any ad-driven newspaper’s real constituency while readers understandably count for nothing.

Also peruse the READER COMMENTS and think about the absence of any Reader taking the time to comment, often at the expense of Wage Slave (Public) interests over Investor Big Capital (Private) interests who can be found identifying themselves as a member of any union hierarchy. Where salaries drawn from the pay checks of Minimum Wage Slave hourly earnings (thereby making unionized workers the only state employees earning less than the state\federal minimum wage once membership fees are deducted from their Food Stamp-worthy pay checks) are well above the arc of any COLA (Cost of Living Increase) such union hierarchy demand for themselves: Keywords inquirer dot com slash news slash albertsons dash acme dash ipo dash lubert dash 2020619 dot html

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Political/societal change does not occur without a real threat of violence directed towards the leaders of government and industry.

It just doesn’t happen.

“Across the United States, poor and dispossessed people…are coming together in ‘Medicaid Marches’ to demand their right to health and healthcare.”

This is great - a movement of the insurgent poor demanding medicare for all.

As I’ve argued here a number of times over years, culminating such marches at a site that delivered free basic health and dental care - modeled on Remote Area Medical’s free health fairs that attract thousands at a time - could supercharge such a movement.

Not only the protest march, but the health fair could work as a site where low income activists and nurse comrades could educate and mobilize, as well as provide basic care for marchers. It would cost money, but I’d guess it could be powered by progressive donations the same way Sanders’ runs were.

The final necessary aspect would be registering voters for a ‘people’s party’ with the declared idea that a party would have to satisfy their demands to get their vote - vs. giving their vote to corporate Democrats in return for nothing, as so many ‘loyal opposition’ progressives do.

Instead - No binding deal? No dice - you’re the enemy and we’ll attack you for rejecting our democratic demands as strongly as we attack Republicans.