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'A New Normal That Is Not Normal': 2.5 Million to Lose Power Across Northern California to Prevent Wildfires

We have nothing but wood poles where I live in NY. I just moved from Maine, also lived in NH and VT. Wooden poles in every state everywhere. They do trim the trees and mow, however. The grid must be regionalized. This would also make it more possible for each region to use different sources of power depending on what makes the most sense in each place. In addition, we need to rapidly move away from using electricity for everyday essentials like water, cooking, heat, opening cans, etc. It’s frightening how much we depend on it in these days of climate chaos and devastating storms, and now blackouts to prevent fires.If this is to become a new normal, we must be prepared.

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Nailed it!

Yes they should be sued to the hilt! But then, guess by bankruptcy their protected? Why are they just carrying on, business as usual & asking the court to allow $235 dollars for “bonuses”?!
Best answer is to break them up & break them down - it isn’t justice to be sure, but at least this crap won’t continue then.
In any case, ratepayers will always be getting the shaft from PG&E, as always!