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A New Playing Field for Democracy Reform


A New Playing Field for Democracy Reform

Miles Rapoport, Cecily Hines

So, it looks like Fixing Our Democracy is officially Cool. Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats have announced that their first bill out of the box—H.R. 1—will be an omnibus democracy reform bill including voting rights, partisan gerrymandering, campaign-finance reform, and ethics reform. For many people who have worked on these issues for years, this is a significant moment. Of course, there is the Senate, and the president, so no one thinks H.R. 1 will become law in anything close to its original form.


Call me skeptical, I’ll believe Pelosi is pushing for reform when it gets sent to the Senate


More food for thought:

“Until the public good comes before private profit, things will get worse for all of us and any focus that continues separation of humans from potential majorities into smaller identity groups is simply the age old divide and conquer strategies always employed by minority rulers.”---------
Frank Scott


HI nighthawk, I agree and add to what you said----with CLIMATE CHANGE----not being mentioned by Pelosi—and I get lots of emails from her----------so Nancy----if you fall for that corporate profit again-----you are failing EARTH—and without Earth there is no there----anywhere!


The real battleground does seem to be the states, particularly with gridlock at the federal level. With the blue wave there should be some big victories coming but the Republicans have undermined democracy in North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Michigan. And some right wingers who have been appointed judges should be regarded as threat to democracy. I think this is the first time in US history that one major party is trying to save democracy while the other major party is trying to destroy it. We are in uncharted territory.


“One major party trying to save democracy” ?

This is actually happening somewhere since the dawn of the 21st century ?


When I see democracy here I read it as Mob. Mob rule sounds bad but democracy is great, right? Sometimes the mob is wrong, take climate change for example, most people do not want to be disadvantaged by the deprivation and costs of eliminating fossil fuels and having to depend on renewableables. The mob is wrong but democracy, right.


Government is too important to leave to the elites and the politicians. But expect that those elites and politicians will attempt to subvert our best principles for partisan control.

For example, those ‘independent’ redistricting commissions might easily be independent in name only. This has happened in California, where the ‘independent’ redistricting commission was de facto Democrat controlled and drew the districts to advantage Democrats more than they already naturally had.