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A New Poor People’s Campaign Is Gearing Up to Launch on Mother's Day


A New Poor People’s Campaign Is Gearing Up to Launch on Mother's Day

Sarah Anderson

"I am not speaking about the poor. I am not speaking for the poor. I am the poor.”

Claudia De la Cruz was speaking at an April 10 press briefing in Washington, D.C. on behalf of the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival. Inspired by a similar 1968 initiative led by Dr. Martin Luther King and other civil rights leaders, the campaign aims to lift up the voices of people like De la Cruz who’ve been most affected by our country’s persistent poverty.


While noone who is a citizen of the U.S.(and hasn’t spent significant time in jail) has any right to declare moral authority about anything, I (morally or not) am proudly joining this liberation movement that sees the relationships between capitalism, patriarchal white supremacy and global militarism and vows to ACT.

I urge others to check the link above and join this PEOPLES’ LIBERATION CAMPAIGN and free yourself from the dead-end capitalist Duopoly that is choking our lives and our biosphere to death on behalf of the oligarchs who ‘own’


Tom Johnson
Columbus, OH USA


We need more real human beings who can actually feel human emotion, like this:


Well said, Tom.

Only Death and Dysfunction will come with support for the Duopoly.

Support Peaceful Coexistence and Equality For All.


We do support it- but it does not happen enough.


I hope you are also fighting for a national healthcare system oriented to supporting local communities ----healthcare centers through out the nation supporting local communities----this is a conservative idea. I hope you also support the idea of INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM-social,political and ECONOMIC FREEDOM.—THIS IS A CONSERVATIVE IDEA! The land ,air,water, and natural resources belong to everyone-----we all should have a voice in how our planet is used and be part of its great bounty---------SUPPORT THE COMMONS!


Great article Sweety but the fusion movement used to be called the Democratic Party.