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A New State Department Order to Revoke Visas Could Have Far-Reaching Effects

A New State Department Order to Revoke Visas Could Have Far-Reaching Effects

Justin Elliot, Pro Publica

The Trump travel ban could have far wider effects than previously understood for foreigners who waited years as State Department officials reviewed their immigrant visa applications. The new policy, disclosed yesterday, means that immigrants hoping to join their families in the United States from the affected countries may have to start the lengthy process all over again.

Give me your tired. Yeah.

The “Muslim Ban” is bad enough in its intent. What’s worse is how poorly it was thought-out and worded, apparently written by amateurs with no legal experience or attention to detail.

I’m hoping enough House Republicans wake up to the dangers of Amateur Hour in the White House and decide to put an end to it by impeaching Trump. Yes, we’d get President Pence whose ideology is unacceptable, but at least he’d have some concept of acceptable behavior, having been a governor.

What governance there is from the administration is Pence still representing Indiana first. Looking into the promise that the pipelines will be built with US steel, I learned that the leading state in making steel is … Indiana. He’s a classic porkbarreller.

“…sowed yet more confusion about President Donald Trump’s executive order.” Yea this can happen when Congress isn’t involved. It’s like the treaty violation, when American History textbooks are all that one goes by, these things can happen.