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A New Wave of Democracy, and how Corporations are Trying to Silence Your Voice and Your Choice


A New Wave of Democracy, and how Corporations are Trying to Silence Your Voice and Your Choice

Andrew Kimbrell

President's Day is an appropriate time to reflect on the state of our U.S. democracy. And there is some very good news across the country about the spread of local democracy, but you have not heard or read much about it in the mainstream media. Remarkably, this democratic surge has taken place despite the massive influx of corporate dollars from those who want to stomp out popular rule as it threatens their power and profits. But more about them later.


In America money is murdering representative democracy.


Representative government was designed to be murdered by our oligarch forefathers. With advancing technology, the right, left and center could be asking themselves if we need representative governments with the propensity to fail through bribery and assassination. Whether we need politicians at all when we can have decentralized and direct electronic democracy. If politicians are more trouble than they are worth, we the people can make the laws direct democratically.


I am certainly grateful for all of the citizens’ efforts that you relate, Mr. Kimbrell. Nonetheless, as time is short given the magnitude of climate destabilization added to deforestation and the acidification of our beloved oceans, what makes more sense than fighting the SAME fight on a state by state or community by community level would be a national, (even international) over-arching law (or set of laws like those proposed by Evo Morales of Bolivia) that protected the ecosystems vital to air, water, and soil quality. (Meanwhile, these local battles are helpful.)

For so long, the blind ethos of the warrior–that of Might (which includes $ as financial might) Makes Right has held sway; nor is it particularly heartwarming that today’s Supreme Court majority never met an egregious business decision that it sought to inhibit if that meant any reduction of all-sacred (to Mammon) profits.

The Indigenous leaders of South America have tried to get the U.N to back laws that enshrined the rights of basic protections to critical ecosystems’ sustainability.

For instance, if the oceans continue to die and plankton levels fall, this key staple to the biological food chain will likely spell an end to sentient life. Similar holds true for nuclear power, its many plants aging and as Chernobyl and Fukushima demonstrate, incredibly dangerous when rendered vulnerable to any number of climate changes or other events.

Citizens are also fighting lots of OTHER battles and most come down to the muscle of Big Money against the welfare of persons, ecosystems, and all things between. Of course, for a long time, this forum was full of people insisting–wrongly–that no citizens cared and therefore, that it was not industry or governments of the Corporations that are to blame, but rather, the everyday John or Jill.

From Ferguson to Fracking, plenty of people ARE mobilized. It’s power that is blocking the changes like Bob Dylan’s call to those who need get out of the road for they’re blocking the way… “For the times they ARE a changing…”


Money has killed democracy in this nation. We are only given the choice of one corrupt corporately funded candidate or another of the same. People are trying to make some rules and regulations by initiatives, but this is only piece meal and has limited effects.

What we desperately need is true democracy where our representative is mandated to vote as directed by their constituents and not by their political party or major ‘donors’ (those who give generous bribes). At the present time our ‘representatives’ give no attention to the voice of the people. Our democracy is dead and it is no wonder that so less than half of us bother to join in the farce.