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A New Year and a New Trump Foreign Policy Blunder in Iraq

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/02/new-year-and-new-trump-foreign-policy-blunder-iraq


The 95% of the electorate than continually support these two “Corporate War Parties” have failed to open their eyes for decades.

I see no different reason for them to open their eyes now.

Their blindness kills.


PonyBoy, did you wake up gloomy, or does that 95% reflect reality where you live? I’m in N. Idaho, a bastion for right-wing extremists. None-the-less, I have found that at least 40% of my neighbors are sick to death of paying taxes to fund wars of US aggression. And sick of being the global bully. Clearly, that position has not reached our politicians, but many people are talking about the War Department, and the ridiculousness of the US attempting to rule the world.

Many, many people have been slow to understand the Monstrosity our Dear Leaders are perpetuating against humanity, mostly because the MSM has made a point of hiding the realities of our destructive behavior. When we were getting visuals of soldiers coming home in body bags, or our forces raining destruction on innocent civilians, people were not happy about it. So they just stopped showing us and went on their merry, brutal way.

Eventually, the old warmongers will be dying off, and our youth will take the reins and (hopefully) prove to be far more democratic in many ways. TPTB are having a hard time convincing young people that they know what they’re doing and ‘all is well’. All is not well, and many more of us are realizing that every day.

I don’t suggest being a pollyanna, just that we recognize that there are some bright young lights out there, and they will turn things around, assuming, of course, that we address climate change before we render ourselves and many other species extinct.


Superb, excellent report and background, adds context i was unaware of, thanks Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J S Davies, and thanks CD for publishing this piece. Goddess Bless Medea Benjamin! She is a world treasure.

And if there were a God, then would God Damn the criminal “leaders” of the imperialist terrorist USA, before the entire Earth is in flames.


I have to doubt the story that we permitted Israel to fly their drones to attack Iraq shia militants.

Why would we risk raising the hatred??

If DOD approved Israel involvement, CIA or NSC - this is treason.

I don’t doubt that even blood red Idahoans are tired of endless war.

But I definitely doubt that they’ll abandon their tribe even after Trump brought no troops home after loudly and repeatedly claiming he would. He hasn’t, despite claiming he has.

Young people may be a source of hope. Someday. Today, however, belongs to war profiteers with the interchangeable letters R and D behind their names.

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From the link embedded in the article:

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PM BiBi was in an election mode. Bragging?? or bluffing??

I now do remember a case where US army loaned massive weapon to another force. Led to children being murdered in Texas.

We should not allow that 51st state to undue our efforts for peace, stability in the middle east areas.

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As a military man, you know damn well that Israel has US-backed, carte blanche immunity to attack throughout the Shia Crescent. Their little drone forays are semi-effective. But the blowback is guaranteed to bite us all in the ass.


darn true.
adds years of suspicion, hate and terror attacks.

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Which is why abandoning a peace process to pursue a reckless snatch-and-grab-land policy backed by military muscle will never work for Israel.

I understand their “never again” philosophy.

But I’ll never understand their “strength instead of diplomacy” stance.


As we leave the middle east, stop by Israel and pick up their nukes.
Pakistans’ also.

Thank you Sam Nunn and Richard Lugar.
You guys very likely saved 3 to 4 billion lives.

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Ah, the bad ole days of bi-partisan possibility. Nice nod to once upon a time. I say that sincerely.
Although your assertion on the number of lives saved is hyperbole.
Hyperbole is one of your specialties, oldie.
Our differences aside, I dig that about you.

If some emotional nutzoid set off one, I figure the other sides have their own itchy guys. Northern hemisphere plus China would have …

Well, between proliferation (those hypersonics are going into mass production) and climate chaos, the jig’s up no matter how you slice it…cocktail time…

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appreciate your optimism, however, the media is still controlled by same dual citizens who have pushed for eternal wars via think tank propaganda and constant bombardment of "enemies’ out to threaten America.


“The Trump administration’s reckless decision to withdraw from the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran and revert to the U.S. policy of threats and sanctions that never worked before is backfiring as badly as the rest of the world predicted it would, and Trump has only himself to blame for it - and maybe John Bolton”.

That policy is working out fine for our great supportive ally Israel. Its adversary Iran is being weakened. Iran has not revived a nuclear weapons program, and if it does or pushes back too much, the US will go to war against it, at least by some devastating strikes. It has also given us the opportunity to show the Europeans who is boss. So that’s all fine.

In the same way, the US attack of Iraq in 2003, as effectively lobbied and pushed for in the US at full strength by the Israeli lobby, has worked out great for our great ally, Israel. Iraq has been destroyed as an effective adversary of Israel. John Bolton rightly lauds its success.

Implementation of hte “Assad must go” has and is working out well for our supportive ally, Israel by smashing Syria which has been a conduit for support for Hamas and Hezbollah - a strong lesson there for supporters of those Palestinians who refuse to submit to Israel. It has created an opportunity for Israel to hit Iranians and Iranian assets there. So, that’s all fine as well.

So, overall, our involvement in the Middle East since the 2003 attack has been good. We need to stay the course and fight the terrorism and deal with the turmoil that our good policies have evoked.

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Hi LadyK,

I see that you responded to my comment from 10 days ago.

My wife and I were away during New Years, and 2 days later, I came down with what I believe was the flu.

I apologize for just now responding.

Yes, many people I know dislike immensely how our military spends so much on wars of choice.
And they have misgivings about a multitude of other topics, such as corporate welfare and huge tax giveaways to the upper echelons of society and industry.

But, they fail to make the connection LadyK. The connections between who is enabling this to occur.

And, every election day it’s the same ole thing. Go to the polling place and choose to support the same one of two corporate political parties.

Always. And it boils down to that statistic, 95%.

It’s so frustratingly sad.

But I am only one person, so my ability to make a change in this is negligible.

Of course I don’t take any of this personal as it’d drive me crazy if I let it.

Thanks for your comment. That was fun.

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