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A New Year’s Resolution for the Media: Do Not Let Republicans Get Away With Saying ‘Reforms’ When They Mean ‘Cuts’


A New Year’s Resolution for the Media: Do Not Let Republicans Get Away With Saying ‘Reforms’ When They Mean ‘Cuts’

Jared Bernstein

There’s no reason to expect general readers to intuitively understand that when House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) says he plans to “reform” entitlements, he means to cut them.


:musical_note:I dream of Bernie with the light whi-ite hair–floating like a vapor.:musical_note:

Bernie cut through this Orwellian language like a razor on a mission. The Democratic machine shut him down and now the country suffers not one, but two parties that put party over people.

:musical_note:Ain’t that a kick in the pants.:musical_note: /s


What on earth makes this guy think that the CORPORATE media will do or say anything that would mess with their bottom line.


This is hardly a new ploy on the part of the Republicans. You’d have to be a political moron to sucker for it. Everyone knows that cutting entitlement has been the holy grail for Republicans for over a generation, now. Republicans don’t reform anything - they destroy, the cut, they mangle, but they don’t reform and, sadly, that’s exactly what much of their base wants. Can’t have those lazy poor people feeding off the government, right?


“During the tax debate” ???

WHAT tax debate ?


Here’s another resolution for the new year:



There is nothing wrong with cuts when it comes to these congress criminals. Give them all cuts using guillotines.


I think more important than “cut” is the term entitlement. Social Security is NOT an entitlement.
Any “cuts” to this program is just plain STEALING.


WTO and US FTA’s “top down” or “negative list” rules make all deregulation in committed sectors permanent.

So, the rollback of the ACAs changes is due to those rules. Which became effective February 26, 1998. Or January 1, 1995. (Lori Wallach’s opinion- she’s an expert on this)

See this interview- its on video-

Health insurance is a financial service, just like banking is. So it definitely applies. its being rolled back…

**The entire news framing- on everything- not just on health care insurance **
is 100% fake. Because they are leaving out this huge change which was made- two decades ago- and pretending it never has happened.

Why should we ignore that? - thats the real cause.

the ACA had a built in time bomb in the form of the WTO General Agreement on Trade in Services’ Understanding on Committments in Financial Services (under “standstill” effective in 1998 - or 1995… subsequent changes made must be rolled back if challenged… and they will be because they are unprofitable. Only the healthiest are free money. No corporation left behind, everybody knows its going to fail so we’re being set up for a huge payout to countries, which will make the 2008 23 trillion dollar mess - also caused by GATS, llook small in comparison. It will also privatize Medicare and Social Security, getting the government out of moral hazard just in time for the GATS created crash as jobs are lost to ‘cross border data flows’ and "global value chains’ - they are doing us a favor because we’re inefficient. )

because of GATS, we have to go down, the developing countries cant go up. Everybody’s wages, men and women will be equal in unemployment.

And what we are calling democracy isn’t, the rights to us have already been traded off.

A return to feudalism and patronage. A nullification of the gains of the 20th century. being represented as progress when its its exact opposite.

GATS has turned our democracy fake- we’re being fed a fake - a simulacrum - a parody of itself.

A good cop vs bad cop routine whose outcome is already planned, because of this GATS - and other similar deals “trade and investment agreements” that make a mockery of all of us.

A change which is in fact tightening a noose around the planets and all nation’s policy’s neck. To steal the future for the very few, leaving the rest of the planet without the means to surviuve…

Don’t fall for the big lies that it helps the poor, or that it reduces corruption, both are huge shameless misrepresentations.

Nothing that privatizes public services or which trades away good jobs for perks like increasing drug prices or lowering skilled wages, could or would help anybody except the beneficiaries of its corruption.

Which makes all progressive agendas WTO illegal. FTA illegal.

Thats an easy to verify FACT.

So anything politicians do will have to be bad for people but good for multinational corporations.

And people will mistakenly blame democracy. When we have nothing that even remotely resembles it. Also our media is captured by this scheme it seems.


You left out, they steal.



Stealing my “Entitlements” will also require them to shoot me down in the street, as I will come for them along with an entire army of my white and gray haired friends.


When Social Security becomes just another investment it loses all protection, and stealing it will occur naturally because all investments will tank at the same time. How does that occur?

Read the WTO Annex on Financial Services. It’s all laid out there.

Whats been done is called a “control fraud” a form of regulatory capture.

We don’t even realize this is being done.

In Geneva.


Here’s a resolution that should have been made years ago but needs to be made now: don’t let the media use the term “education reform” when they mean “privatization”… and never call a public funded school operated by a locally elected school board a “government school”.

There’s no reason to expect general readers to intuitively understand that when House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) says he plans to “reform” entitlements, he means to cut them.

Maybe not but those of us who follow the policy debate know better and we ought to say so. Every time we hear someone talk about “entitlement reforms” in a discussion we can characterize them as “benefit cuts.”


Members of the media tend to be puppets who say what management wants them to say; I see little integrity in the media!



With all due respect, Social Security is, emphatically, an entitlement. After paying, over a lifetime of work, payroll taxes that finance his/her retirement, a worker is entitled to the Social Security benefits she/he has earned. Just because conservatives have demonized the word is no reason for us to accept their perversion of language.

Because Social Security funds derived from payroll taxes are not set aside and sequestered, they amount to little more than a promised source of funds. As I understand it – readers, please correct me if I am wrong – those promised funds have been routinely “borrowed” to fund other initiatives, which means those moneys must someday be “restored” if beneficiaries are to be paid. That may be why Paul Ryan (“the granny-starver,” as Charles Pierce calls him) and his cohorts are so eager to cut back Social Security “entitlements.” It’s a way to keep the benefits flowing while (maybe) (slowly) setting aside moneys to replenish the fund from which, you rightly point out, money has been stolen (or “borrowed”).

It cannot be emphasized enough that Social Security is not part of the federal budget. It is self-financed through payment of FICA payroll taxes. Social Security is adequately funded for the next 15-20 years. Should more funds be required, Social Security’s shortfalls could be easily remedied if the cap on income subject to FICA taxes were raised. (It’s currently around $118,000.)



I’d even argue that “benefit cuts” is problematic.

I paid taxes to support Medicare and Social Security. I’m “entitled” to those benefits because I entered into a contract with the federal government to provide them.

To “reform” those benefits away would constitute a breach of contract.


Important point. The entire neoliberal takeover of society was enabled to a large degree by the control of the language and stories with which we discuss what is going on in the world.


Social security and Medicare are already being cut.

Has social security kept pace with the real cost of living???

And how does Medicare work----I just know I’ve paid into it all these years and when I qualify I will still be required to pay for it, and it will only cover 80%.

Life expectancy in the US is dropping. How about all those people who pay into this system and never get a return.—And the bigger sad joke is that when ss was set up life expectancy in the US was 65. So most hard working people would never see a dime of this money.

Paul Ryan is a sad JOKE. I see him celebrating this tax bill. This tax bill was one giant give away—it didn’t reform anything----the tax code is now more complicated—and it did not deal with all the sweet heart deals congress has done for wall street and corporate interests over the years.