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A New Year’s Resolution: Time to Speak Up


A New Year’s Resolution: Time to Speak Up

Jill Richardson

When men make me feel uncomfortable, I'm going to tell them. It's their job to listen.



Nicely put. Simple, yet important advice for both genders. Thank you, Jill.


Right on, Jill.

You have found your voice. Continue to use it.

Men will respect you for being honest with them.

If some don’t, use your knee in their groin.

They will understand that.


Jill, you might just improve their behavior not only with you, but others in the future. Simple honesty given as early as possible is the best starting point for communication. You are right to feel awkward about an “innocent” neck rub and the man needs to learn how better to read you and others in the future. I say this as a man who used to think he was a magnet for raped/abused women only to learn that there were so many more out there than I would have ever thought possible. #metoo4you&all