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A New Year's Day Parade for 'Medicare for All' Signals Energized Battle Ahead in California

A New Year's Day Parade for 'Medicare for All' Signals Energized Battle Ahead in California

Jon Queally, staff writer

"People are hip to faux solutions and incrementalism and are not buying it. They want Medicare for All—and they want it now."


I live right next door in AZ and I so very much want to move to Sanityland.


Yeah, they just legalized rec maijuana- wonder how sane that will be?

It would be nice to have medicare for all, but let’s not forget old folks actually PAY for medicare- it is not free.

People in California have an ede - if something stalls in the Legislature, people can put proposed legislation on the ballot. California is not the only state with a right to pass legislation by ballot measure. A way to turn the momentum around nationwide might be for a “Medicare for All” ballot measure to be placed on the ballot in every state with an initiative process (26 total).

.Twenty-six states, as well as Washington, D.C., offer initiative and/or veto referendum rights for their citizens.(list from Ballotpedia)

Alaska and its subdivisions
Arizona and its subdivisions
Arkansas and its subdivisions
California and its subdivisions
Colorado and its subdivisions
Florida and its subdivisions
Idaho and its subdivisions
Illinois and its subdivisions
Maine and its subdivisions
Maryland (Veto referendum only)
Massachusetts and its subdivisions
Michigan and its subdivisions
Mississippi and its subdivisions
Missouri and its subdivisions
Montana and its subdivisions
Nebraska and its subdivisions
Nevada and its subdivisions
New Mexico (Veto referendum only)
North Dakota and its subdivisions
Ohio and its subdivisions
Oklahoma and its subdivisions
Oregon and its subdivisions
South Dakota and its subdivisions
Utah and its subdivisions
Washington and its subdivisions
Wyoming and its subdivisions
District of Columbia and the city of Washington
US Map I&R.png

Nicholas C. Arguimbau


RoseAnn DeMoro ROCKS!
She is quoted above: “People should pay attention to California because it is the example, the model, the bellwether, for what is possible and as California has set the trend for the rest of the country on a myriad of other important issues, it is and will set the trend on guaranteed, single-payer healthcare for all,” she said. “And people are hip to faux solutions and incrementalism and are not buying it. They want Medicare for All—and they want it now.”

But, I have to disagree. Oh my! lol

“Medicare for All” is not what this citizen, moi will accept. Not only because “it” isn’t a true single-payer, nor because the current Medicare (for the 65+) “it” is overrun with private-for-profit “its” (and a few non-profit “its”), nor because the current Medicare doesn’t cover eyes and teeth, nor does “it” cover quality nursing home care, or in-home-visiting by doctors and nurses. But, after saying that, if Cali wants to try it on their own, that’s good, in my opinion. However, they must push harder for the national system of a true single-payer >> “N.I.M.A.”, the only acceptable national solution for one and all >> N.I.M.A. I would suggest saying, presenting and chanting their “Medi-Cal” along with “N.I.M.A.” (virtually identical to HR 676) in the same breath. We Americans will have National Improved Medicare for All, also known as N.I.M.A., I sense. The idea of Improved Medicare for All that includes dental and vision and elder care. And is not privatized EVER! One insurer. We the People.


“But, I have to disagree.Yes, it must be national.”

The current system is too pervasive for a Medicare for All to be sustainable at the state level. It must be national and all inclusive and as you say, truly single payer. HR676.


No one claims Medicare is free. It’s financed by taxes to a government that cares about our health, taxes that are less than what we pay to the insurance companies, which don’t care

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Ahem, everyone that works pays for medicare. Access is by age or disability. Medicare for All would change access and a few other things.


Problem is many people have never worked and still get medicare and a subsidy.

I agree- no one should pay taxes to a for profit insurance company. BTW the government does not care in general about health- many people take time off to care for their illnesses or their families and get fired. I have seen this happen at a place of work.

20 yeats ago CA had a single payer initiative on the ballot that lost 3-1. Insurance and for profits fought it by saying big government can do no good. Worked well in the days when people still believed the “free market” could solve all problems. Things have changed and it may have a chance.
A single payer bill has been on the governors desk twice and was vetoed by Schwarzengroper. This time the money powers got to Rendon not trusting that they had governor Brown securely in their pocket. How this plays out will be interesting.
I was a small business man during the intitiative in '95. I did the analysis and it would have saved me money as opposed to the good Kaiser Permanente I had for my employees plus I would get coverage for myself in the bargain, free. My fellow businessmen, “free market” robots all, could not comprehend the analysis and believed the propaganda. I think they might listen a little closer now.


earth quakes too

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pppppuuuurrrrrfectly sane :slight_smile:

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I think it is important to point out, as you did. Medicare is NOT free to the people who receive it. It is absolutely NOT the same as Single Payer. This is my objection to equating the two.
The basic gov’t payment for me that I have no choice about is $128. Last year it was $120, but Social Security got a cost of living adjustment so they figured out a way to make it up in Medicare insurance. Last month I received $920 in SS benefits. This month (with my ‘raise’) I will get $916.60. In addition, this is only basic coverage and a not small deductible. I have some health issues definitely not covered, so, as Medicare encourages one to do, I bought a supplemental plan. That is $185 a month. So the required $128 (before I get my SS) and the prescription drug plan of $21, and the supplemental comes out to over $300 a month! I must say, I am starting to feel like I am the Single Payer.

I think it is imperative to stop crying out for Medicare for all. Health care for all is a human right. No one should have to pay to supplement their human right!

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You might be thinking of Medicaid not Medicare. People need medical care everyone at one time or another. It does matter how its funded I’m not sure why you think that is a problem.

The Medicare for All plan sent to Governor Brown was not only incomplete it was a piece of crap.

Don’t forget drought, Northern CA isn’t to bad though. Besides if you don’t like it you could always move to Oregon. They love it when people from CA move there. hehehe

Yes, we the people. Sadly, so many people in the US have paranoia about socialism that they give in to insurance for profits.

People on disability are on medicare with a medicaid subsidy . They might not have ever worked.