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A New Year's Day Parade for 'Medicare for All' Signals Energized Battle Ahead in California

Yes, we are single payers, but we are also paying for others who might never have worked. Is health care a right or should people start taking better care of themselves as well? The USA has a marked case of overall obesity, drug abuse, and over one quarter of the pop experiences depression and anxiety which account for mucho lost wages. SOme of these people claim that they are too depressed to work and they get benefits. In the mean time many people with multiple medical issues are working and feel good about it. Some years ago there was a special on TV about people who were abusing drugs and alchohol and actually getting a SSDI check for it. They bragged on TV that they spent the tax payers money and felt good about it. Some even bragged about spending all of their money at the local bar while the rest of us worked. In that case medicare absoluately was free to these folks. I wonder how much of that is going on now?

I respectfully disagree. On one point that may only be a matter of semantics. National Improved Medicare for All has no deductibles, when it is enacted - and N.I.M.A. will be enacted. The moral move to make all people covered from birth to death for all health-related issues, homeless or wealthy. Maternity to death. Everything but frivolous cosmetic enhancements. The economy would gain a $trillion dollars in savings and usually sick and dying people will get better and live longer, happy lives.

So, Let’s not “throw the baby out with the bath water” and declare that Medicare for all is the wrong way to go, how about helping to save the single-payer healthcare movement with a “friendly amendment”. It’s not the wrong thing to say “Medicare for All” - It’s better to sayNational Improved Medicare for All” No co-pays. No monthly $128 payments. No exceptions to coverage. Everyone is in. No one is out. And We save a $trillion over ten years, right off the bat! A virtually identical bill as N.I.M.A. is HR 676


National Improved Medicare for All

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How you going to fund that Bob?

Ca. media outlets are going to get very rich over this issue in ca. Watch the money burn.

Disabled people at 200% of the federal poverty level can qualify for medicaid. It is income based. If your medical care costs are more than you have you can get help. Even you. Something wrong with that?

We citizens already pay for it - a $trillion worth. We’re being shaked-down by banksters who own insurance companies, medical appliances companies, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. - you name it. The parasitic corporate scammers need a new scam. They are fabulously rich already off of our shameful for-profit shake-down sham of a healthcare system. Healthcare is a Human Right, enshrined in our Constitution’s “pursuit of happiness”. If you sincerely want to know what’s really going on, one place to start is “Healthcare Over Profit”


One of those “establishment Democrats” is Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the 85 year old dinosaur who has announced that she intends to run for yet another 6 year term later this year. I saw a video of her at some public meeting and she insisted that Medicare for All couldn’t work in California. Yeah, right, Dianne. I would be very sorry to see her reelected as there are much more responsive politicians that are capable of taking her place. I’ll never forget the words of political science teacher Larry Bensky, who also worked for KPFA radio in Berkeley. He said - “The two saddest words in California politics are Dianne Feinstein”. I would also like to see “incrementalist”, “Third Way” Democrat Nancy Pelosi removed from office so that a real liberal can take her place.


Today, California! Tomorrow, the rest of America! We are soooo ready for this for soooo long, already! There is another bill up in NY just short of one vote (a Democrat, of course) and legislation reportedly in the works in over 20 states. In others, voter initiatives for the ballot getting ready (i.e. Washington State where they will be needing volunteers to gather signatures starting in Feb).

What is your state up to? What are the representatives doing at both the state and national level? Have your elected reps in the U.S. Congress co-sponsored HR 676 and s1804? Have you been calling and writing?

Vote single payer. Tell the Democrats you won’t accept less for 2018 and beyond.

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There ought to be some kind of Nobel Prize for all that Rose Anne DeMoro and National Nurses United have done for single payer health care for all. They are heroes extraordinaire!


Support for single payer is my litmus test. One of my litmus tests. Pelosi doesn’t pass my test.

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Do you have a problem with the fossil fuel industry getting subsidies?
Did you have a problem with the bankers, who caused the collapse of the economy, getting bail-outs?
Do you have a problem with the new tax law passed giving the billionaires billions more as the rest of us can’t pay for health or college or have to get supplemental aid because companies like Walmart don’t pay adequate salaries?
Do you have a problem with off-shoring bank accounts to save tax money, a favorite practice of the wealthy?
Do you have a problem with over 50 cents on every tax dollar going to the military to be spent murdering people all over the world?
Or do you just have a problem with people who can’t afford health care because it’s employer based and many people are working at jobs that don’t provide it, or are homeless and desperately poor. Guess it’s better those moochers die than we change any of the above issues that you seem to be OK with.


My son spent seven days in a German hospital, emergency surgery, gorgeous hospital, excellent care. Did not cost One penny. Marburg hospital did not even have a billing department. Let’s do this America!


Hi Fern…anywhere along the coast would be grand. They claim it’s a dry heat here but what they don’t say is what it does to one’s brain. If it can fry an egg on the sidewalk then I’m hard-boiled :slight_smile:

We spend as much as we do per capita on healthcare, we have as much waste in our system, we spend as much as we do as a percentage of GDP, and you’re here giving Reagan ear welfare queen comments. What does what you are saying have to do with the systematic inefficiency of this rotten system versus single payer systems? Do people you see as lazy cause the administrative overhead in private insurance to be what it is relative to single payer systems and Medicare? Do those people have anything to do with job lock and bankruptcies because of healthcare? And yes, healthcare is a right, and we socialize costs in countless ways as is anyway in this system. The people you are focusing on already create costs that others pay for. If you pay into Blue Cross, or whatever, you are already paying into a pool that countless people draw from. Some of them smoke, and eat too many donuts, and decide to fix the roof after whacking down a six pack, and you already pay for the costs of people going to emergency rooms without health insurance. It isn’t as if this all of a sudden becomes an issue with single payer, and like I said, what you are focusing on doesn’t address the ways in which this system is horribly inefficient.

Rather, we need to adopt the European model!

Hi D, Well you are in luck then, we have a lot of that. There are some Buddhist communities too. :slight_smile:

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Will the Democrats wake up? The Republicans are in a brain dead coma but the Democratic Party Is awake on life support. Wake up please!!! We The People need you!

For single payer healthcare to be sustainable, people have to start taking responsibility for their own health. Diet and exercise are as important as any healthcare system. The amount of sugar, meat and fast fried foods eaten by Americans will bankrupt any system. So will guns and drugs. many obese people floating around drinking cokes and eating :doughnut:. This is not rocket science!

Cheers to Californians …

Sad, however, that corrupt US government continues to ignore the will of the people.

But looks like this will have to be done State-by-State.

rive –

This is just more “blaming the victim” –

Why are these filthy foods on the market here – mainly because Nestle’s controls our FDA.

Why has Monsanto such control over our foods - GMO concepts – and seeds?

They actually call it “Monsanto’s FDA.”

And, one of the oldest means of deception is the mythical human need to eat animals …

just as fake as the deceptive campaign to encourage women to give up breastfeeding – !!

Our government can very easily return to control over guns for personal use – rather our
government is arming the world for war.

Our CIA’s NRA has targeted any Congressional representative who opposes increasing
gun sales among the public or ending the outrageous interpretation of the 2nd amendment
by the SC as a license to arm the public.

And how is it that our corrupt government can’t stop drug running – likely because the
government itself is involved in corrupting the nation by spreading addictive drugs.
Just look at Big Pharma and how many addictive drugs it has produced – !!

This isn’t the fault of the victims … but you’re right it’s not rocket science either if you wake
up to what’s really going on.