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A New Year's Day Parade for 'Medicare for All' Signals Energized Battle Ahead in California

No, I think the above behaviors are beyond deplorable, especially with bankers getting bailouts, and the new tax law is the most corrupt.

Ya know, if I could figure out a way of affording to live in Sanityland I wouldn’t be here that is a sure thing. Freedom does come at a price :frowning:

`Have you ever been to "sanityland?

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Clearly it is time to clear up some misinformation.

  1. We are fighting for EXPANDED AND IMPROVED Medicare For All which IS a single-payer system: https://www.healthcare-now.org/docs/orange%20booklet-2014-final-pages.pdf

  2. Medicare as is is woefully inadequate, paying only 80% of medical bills and it has co-pays and deductibles both HR 676 and Bernie’s plan eliminate all that, expand coverage to everyone and are even an improvement over the Canadian System by including dental and eye care which the current Medicare does not cover

  3. We will all pay into system based on what we actually earn so no group will be pitted against another and we will all receive the same care regardless of income status and it will be payed by our taxes but the fact that the pool of insured will now include everyone, profit motive removed, the savings will be considerable. I suggest you research Bernie Sander’s bill tio see for your self or groups such as Healthcare-now.org

  4. some helpful videos: http://thehealthcaremovie.net/home/, https://vimeo.com/205116537, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoLUNRaUj7Q3LjkXKFBnGfA

For those saying a state-based Medicare system in California can’t work, and that it must be a national system, I think it is worth bearing in mind that if California were a country, it would now have the sixth largest GDP in the world, having pulled ahead of Russia and Brazil. California is also a donor state, contributing billions more in Federal revenues each year than it receives in Federal support and expenditures. The entire nation of Iceland has a population smaller than the city of Bakersfield, CA, and they can look after themselves, despite being relatively isolated, having less in the way of natural resources and a much more inhospitable climate.

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“well I have, let me prove it to ya…”. :slight_smile:

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You raise a good point but CA was at one time the forth largest GDP with state surpluses. Those days are long gone. Additionally, Iceland does not have the U.S. Federal government or Federally adjusted income that requires waivers. Medicare and Medicaid are federal programs.

Just saying, it helps if you have an idea where you would like to live and it does make a difference. Have you done done comparisons?

No I haven’t, it’s all just a dream with out funds. I am weighted down with CC debt just like most. I really am stuck, I can’t even move within AZ now :frowning:

Sounds like you need able helpers. A lot of people leave CA when they retire for a lower cost of living. Not sure where I would choose because it does get more complicated as we age and so on. Not impossible though.

I really like Washington not so much Oregon. It’s greener, wetter and maybe less people? “Able helpers”? what’s that? Never ever heard of such a thing, please explain (snark)…

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Well it is from the TAO Te Ching, a four thousand year old text. More to it than that but to paraphrase, if you are met with an obstacle there is something you need to do to connect with your higher self. Hence, you may need the help of others.

Medicare part D (prescriptions) is not original to Medicare, it is the privatized version that enables pharmaceutical abuses and costs. HRH 676 takes that to a whole new level without improving healthcare. It is still the most expensive and worst outcomes in the industrialized world.


fern –

I made no post on this discussion …

I think you intended this reply for Giovanna?

fern –

Wasn’t a good deal of CA’s surplus taken by Enron?

Can you expand on this? …

Iceland does not have the U.S. Federal government or Federally adjusted income that requires waivers.

Also … this?

Medicare and Medicaid are federal programs.

Thank you –

How “sane” has the US’ fake drug war been –
especially in increasing crime in every nation, including our own.

Drug addition has to be treated as a health issue – not a crime.

Corruption of the nation through drugs wouldn’t exist if our own government officials
weren’t involved in profiting from it one way or another.

Our Americans banks alone are “laundering” a half a trillion or more of drug money every year.

US is also “insanely” allowing Big Pharma to create a pile of addictive drugs from which they profit?

Despite the ongoing hostility from its opponents—which DeMoro identified as “establishment Democrats” and financial donors from the insurance and pharmaceutical industry, for-profit hospitals, right-wing operatives, and corporate interests—she says support for SB562 is only getting stronger.

A very clear message that there will be no help whatsoever coming from Democrat Party –
“the establishment Democrats” which is pretty much the entire party.

This is another signal that both the DP and the GOP are finished (if we want it!) …
and if we refrain from continuing to vote EVIL into office and control of our government by
"voting for the lesser evil."

Both national parties and their owners are complicit in catapulting corporations to power
over the “people’s” government.

What makes you think the current healthcare system encourages people to “start taking responsibility for their own health.”? I agree with you that this is a desirable result, and it is often claimed (and I agree) that a single payer system where everyone gets free checkups if anything is going to improve that situation. The idea that a financial disincentive (don’t eat right and your health care costs more) is necessary to improve public health sounds like an extrapolation of the strict parent model (which I am not opposed to completely) but unless you have a few studies to point to that it works, I’d rather go the single payer with no copay route.

Opps. sorry for the confusion. It was for Giovanna.

Just from memory, We had a 29 billion dollar surplus and in less than a year we had muti-billion dollar deficit. It was energy manipulation and fraud. If I remember collectly, we sued the Federal gov but only reclaimed a small amount.