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A New Year's Day Parade for 'Medicare for All' Signals Energized Battle Ahead in California

fern –
Thanks for confirming a $29 BILLION SURPLUS in California turned upside down into a
multi-billion $$ deficit.

It was energy manipulation and fraud. If I remember correctly, we sued the Federal gov but only reclaimed a small amount.

You don’t mention ENRON and its crimes, but believe that’s what you’re confirming … right?

And as I recall it, a clean get-away was made by those in state government who had made these
decisions to invest so much of the state’s SURPLUS in ENRON also got off free?

There is zero stopping the Nurses from pursuing a ballot initiative if DeMoro is serious. Why doesn’t she sponsor one?

Yes, and the sudden rise in opioid addictions- addictions to medicines that big pharma develops is insane.

I agree that pols and banks are profiting through drugs. If they weren’t we would not have this problem. Also, money laundering through charter schools and private ones as well as other enterprises ( financial) does exist. How do we deal with this?

Yes, that would be nice. Perhaps if the US stopped bombing the world, we could concentrate on food and health care.

I do not think there is something wrong with that but where does all this money come from? Also, I have heard some working people say that some people on disability that they know who are disabled because they are depressed are making more money than some of the working people!

Feinstein is also opposing marijuana legalization in California and she went against impeaching Trump. I’d guess she had something to do with defeating state single payer in 2012 - she was ready to move very quick when that happened with her “insurance reform” (that didn’t do anything - premiums continued to rise by obscene percentages - and a lot more than 10 percent) -
and Pelosi even wrote legislation into the ACA, I’m understanding, that would make it harder to pass single payer at the state or national levels.They’re both taking so much money from insurance and pharma while basically singing the same tune as Clinton, “Single payer will never, ever happen!”

Time to vote both of them out. They’re pretty tough to topple, though. People need to be organizing, uniting and working at it a lot more in order to do so.

Hearing you. Right now, she has at least 3 “progressive” challengers, 2 of whom (at least) aren’t taking corporate cash. That’s Stephen Jaffe on the Democratic Party ticket and Barry Hermanson (sic?) running as a Green (long-time HR676 advocate). But I think either would need a lot more momentum to win.Which is pretty sad considering the fact that these are liberal and educated areas where most people want single payer health care - and probably pride themselves on being able to think and act outside the herd (and change the direction of the herd?)