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A Newly Elected Democratic Socialist On How to Win in Trump Country

A Newly Elected Democratic Socialist On How to Win in Trump Country

Isaiah Poole

“If we talk to people on issues in a universal way, we are going to get their vote.”

"I would say don’t be afraid to run as what you are and what you believe in. Find a way to connect those issues to what everybody in the community is feeling, and I think you will do just fine.”(Photo: Iowa CCI Action Fund/Twitter)
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Mr. Grooters, has touched on a very important point, the best programs that are sponsored by the government are those that cover everyone universally.

Since it has gotten to the point that the majority of America sees either Republican or Democrat as dirty words, perhaps the “Universal Party” could be all inclusive and represent all equally.

Food for thought.


But the Democratic party will continue to slice and dice the electorate up, and point fingers at those who somehow don’t buy into the notion that we OWE THEM OUR VOTES.

Here’s a crazy concept: If you want my vote, go beyond being slightly less bad than the other guys.


But… but… if you offer programs to everyone, everyone might actually come out and vote for them! And then, who knows what they’d want! All hell could break loose!

40% voter turnout is so much more… manageable.

“Trumpcare’s demise offers an important lesson about economic policy more generally. The more universal a program is, the greater the number of Americans will become advocates for its preservation. This is a fact that conservatives know and fear thanks to Medicare and social security, but many establishment liberals since the Democratic Party’s neoliberal turn have failed to understand — or perhaps some Clintonites understand it all too well.”


Anti-racism is not “identity politics” and it is ludicrous to claim that black people share the same experiences as whites. White people don’t experience racism, and enjoy a position of privilege every time they go to a job interview, rent from a landlord, get a loan, encounter a cop…

And some of the most egregious racial discrimination comes from the so-called “white working class” - especially unionized occupations. I don’t recall ever seeing any black railroad workers, and most construction trades are snow-white.

And it all shows…


Although many blacks had jobs doing back breaking railroad track repair, many of the better railroad jobs were not available to them. However, tens of thousands of Pullman car porters, nearly all of whom were black, will always remain one of the most ubiquitous railroad worker demographics. By the standards of the era the Pullman jobs were good jobs, much better than other jobs typically available to blacks in rail and other industries. Most retired with pensions that were way better than the pensions most of today’s workers of any color will get.

Show up on any construction site within 50 miles of the 1500 mile long Interstate 5 corridor to quickly dispel myths about “snow white construction trades”. The trend started forty years ago and accelerated when NAFTA displaced Mexican farmers who headed north to become construction workers.

Yes, minorities have been discriminated against in the workplace, but railroads and construction have provided them more opportunities than most other industries.


From a 2016 Bureau of Labor Statistics report:

“Black workers were more likely to be union members than were White, Asian, or Hispanic workers.”

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How about the Green Party?

I attended a meeting of Greens just outside Washington DC about 6 weeks ago with Ajamu Baraka as the key speaker.

Along with the representation of the People of America as their main reason for being a political party, the Green Party’s commitment to Peace through Nuclear Disarmament, Dismantling of Empire Encroaching 800+ Military Bases, and Diplomacy before Death and Suffering of Innocents, to name just a few major differences between the Green Party and all others. This should set them above and far beyond a rational minded folks choice for political representation.


I fully and enthusiastically support the Green Party platform.

However, I’m disappointed in their inability to coalesce into a more organized entity despite trying to do so for years. I know the headwinds they face–but their local grassroots efforts are pretty weak.


Once again, this is not about a party- it’s about survival and values. If you want a party, well then Happy Birthday.

Time for a Democratic Socialist Party of America?


Maybe you could learn a lot from the IWW -the Wobblies’ are still around

Yes, in the SEIU and maybe UNITE-HERE which represents the lowest wage occupations. And I guess they are fairly well-represented in the UAW. But I’ve hardly ever seen a black person in the construction trades, save for the Laborers International - and even the laborers are all white in my 25% black city. They are grossly under-represented in the USW - the surviving USS steel mills in my area are almost 100% white even though the sit in dirt-poor and black Clairton, and Braddock.

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Hell, just take a drive from Pittsburgh to Toronto - Passing through the sad towns of Erie, Buffalo, and Niagara Falls along the way…talk about the backward USA!

Or, if you live too far away, save some CO2 emissions and just watch Michael Moore’s still timely movie “Canadian Bacon” - it still captures these places perfectly and comically.

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The Green Party has two major problems that keep them from being the party in power:

  1. A voting electorate that is totally addicted to supporting the MIC through the corporate tool politicians whose lies make these voters forget that they are voting against their best interests, and choosing for their children and grandchildren a life living in a nation that is always on a War footing rather than endeavoring to create a world in which Peaceful coexistence is the ultimate goal.

2) Since they won’t accept corporate cash and the majority of voters are addicted to the Duopoly Deception, Money for successful campaigns is nonexistent.

The intelligence and integrity levels of Green Party Candidates is far superior to any in the Duopoly.


Many Trump voters are not ideologues so much as confused, frightened and slightly paranoid. This makes them susceptible to a racist message because that’s what they heard growing up as the answer to all their problems. But the emotional commitment is now diminished. A radical economic message can pierce through the programmed resistance of Trumpistas when delivered by someone who looks like them. You need to be able to trust the messenger when you’re not too sure exactly what the message really means.

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