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A Nicaraguan Spring or Imperial Spring Cleaning?


A Nicaraguan Spring or Imperial Spring Cleaning?

Belén Fernández

In April, Nicaragua saw intense clashes between protesters and government forces that reportedly left dozens dead.


Congresswoman Ros-Lithenin is not running for office again. Who knew god retires, even a right wing religious nutcase like the Congresswoman, knows HIS work is never done when it comes to shitting on the poor of Nicaragua, Cuba and the Honduras. Maybe she’s planning to open up a chain of Domino’s Pizza in these countries or become El Presidente of Ava Maria Univ. and do both. She’s certainly a multi-tasking " disruptor " in regards to Republican policy intrusions into Central America and the Caribbean. Like a conquistador of old, only shorter and more porcine. And, backed by the CIA ( Catholics In Action ), which always aids her causes, it seems.
In honor of her stepping aside, the patriotic and freedom loving people of Miami ( Cuban ex-pats who owned plantations and whorehouses ) have created a street sandwich called The Triple Porker. It is a heaping mound of pork, pork fat, more pork bathed in pork gravy and nestled in between two pieces of European white bread. It comes with an implied blessing by The Vatican, as well. I’m not sure if dispensations are available as condiments, but I’ll bet they sure as hell don’t offer a side of liberation theology instead of fried plantain or coleslaw.


This is a highly biased article that once exposes the Trump-era-left’s:

  1. Total loss of moral compass

  2. Inability to take two oppositional stances (i.e. walk and chew gum) at the same time. Since when is declaring Ortega a corrupt thug mean advocating a CIA intervention for fucking crying out loud???

The way fellow leftist Ms. Fernandez borrowed a page right out of the pro-Israel mainstream media and called the documented gunning down of 40 unarmed protestors “clashes” and their death’s being “reportedly” was chilling.

What head of state presiding over such an incident should not immediately resign???

Ortega is utterly corrupt. He has not been any kind of friend of the left for more than tow decades .