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A "No Nukes" Nation to Trump: Resign!


A "No Nukes" Nation to Trump: Resign!

Harvey Wasserman

In the shadow of Santa Monica’s legendary “Chain Reaction” monument, a clear message was sent to the unelected interloper in the White House: RESIGN!!!

Wednesday was the 72nd anniversary of the bombing of Nagasaki, and the 43rd of the resignation of Richard Nixon. Nixon was the last president to seriously threaten the use of nuclear weapons. Amidst the debacle of the Vietnam war, Nixon told then top advisor Daniel Ellsberg that he wanted to drop atomic bombs on Southeast Asia, but that he feared the response of the global anti-war movement.


What we TRULY need is a Clean Sweep of the entire Duopoly, and finally, True Representation of the Peoples Will.

“Let it Fill the Air
Tell the People Everywhere
We the People
Don’t Want a War.”

Bobby Darin “Simple Song of Freedom”


The real “death panel” is apparently in the WH.


I’m not sure Pence and the GOP would be any better than Trump.

Bernie/LIz Progressive Democrats 2020


Notice how the phrase “It’s a Free Country!” is today seldom used.


Bozo the Clown would be better than Trump.