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A Nobel Appeal to Norway


A Nobel Appeal to Norway

Hannah McKinnon

Five Nobel Peace Laureates have called on Norwegian Prime Ministerial candidates to declare their intent to put an end to fossil fuel exploration and expansion. The letter, sent in advance of the country’s national elections in mid-September, is an appeal for climate leadership.

"If Norway can’t figure out how to make this work, who can?"


" “Alfred Nobel felt strongly that Norwegians embodied an understanding of peace, equity, and justice that uniquely qualified them to judge the prize."

Oh really, then why did Obama and Kissinger, among other war mongers, both receive Nobel Peace Prizes???


Alfred Noble, Gunpowder birther, has enough in currency to annual commemorate random players in the public sphere who have some recognition already, centuries after his death.

And the world usually goes along with it.
We look at the names of winners every year and think - Yeah. we will remember that name in perpetuity now.

Well cracks are showing in their system.

Sweden has been surviving on selling weapons.
Norway has been doing so on extracting fossil fuels.

The universal language of crypto currency is about level the playing field.
The socialist society with tremendous government benefits for the general populace in terms of healthcare and unemployment benefits has been based on the peddling of this violence.

Hopefully it does not happen before the US gets its universal health care.


No one … it will all implode … and 90% of stupid irrational humans will be so surprised as “civilization” crashes and burns …