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A Notable Death in 2020: American Democracy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/16/notable-death-2020-american-democracy

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Earth to Will…Earth to Will…

The Democrats not demanding a Florida recount followed by the SCOTUS appointing the Dubya regime in 2000 was US democracy’s obituary.


Come on Will, you work in Philly and the best you can muster is a lament for the DemocraticTM Party?

Have you ever ventured beyond the affluent, lily white, enclave of Chestnut Hill?

Have you not seen how under your DemocraticTM Mayor, Jim Kenney, police have shot dead, several unarmed Black people; police attacked and brutalized a young mother for driving a car while Black; allowed the closure of major hospital serving a Black community; and continues to allow gentrification of the city?

It’s absolutely true that US elections are rigged, but the rigging is not Democrat vs Republican, they’re rigged to ensure the perpetuation of the interests of the plutocratic elite. Regardless of which Party’s politician gets into power, they serve the wealthy. Instead of mocking folk who claim that US elections are rigged, I’d encourage you to spend more time with in communities of color, listening. Maybe then you’d realize that the US has never had authentic democracy.


Rush Limpba observing last week that “we are trending toward secession” marks the first time Rush and I have agreed upon anything.

It should be easier for Biden to enable Rush’s request than it was for Lincoln who feared that California and Oregon would join the Confederacy and derail manifest destiny, then and now being Murka’s highest priority.


We have been witnessing a slow methodical, well funded coup of the US for 40-50 years, possibly longer. The fascist’s learned a thing or two from the failure in Germany. Today we are witnessing the end game of that coup, with the enablers of it believing their time has come. Those of you who believe they will be defeated peacefully, are in denial IMO. Their ignorant minions might believe state secession will solve the ideological divide, but the financial supporters behind this won’t go along with that, they want it all.


Maybe Will watched the Electoral College on TV for the first time ever and realized, even though Wolf and Rachel were telling him otherwise, the US is not democracy.

“It seems pretty clear that the core of the Republican Party won’t see Biden as a legitimate president”

It has been highly evident over the past four years that the Democratic Party, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, WAPO and blue no matter who types never saw Trump as a legitimate president.

These people live in a vacuum.


It’s a pity to see something this important shredded by partisan politics, but I suppose in an odd way Will Bunch’s failure to include observations pertaining to the Democratic Party actually reinforces his point.

The trouble is not that a bunch of Republicans signed on to legally challenge the election results, and it is to be expected that they should do so in a way that is self-serving. Only with the institutionalized possibility for various parties to challenge election results can democracy be maintained.

It is also true that electronic polling machines are easy to rig. Despite GIulani’s nonsense, this has nothing whatsoever to do with Venezuela or the late Hugo Chavez. Despite the “Russiagate” and “Chinagate” business of both parties, it has nothing central to do with foreign entities entering a clean system and disrupting it, though I do not doubt that this has happened elsewhere.

The people with the most motive and the most capacity to disrupt voting systems generally, and in this instance certainly, are those who set them up. The people with the most motive to do so are rulers who expect to enact unpopular policies.

That is who governs the US now, as has been the case increasingly over decades: rulers with unpopular policies.

Being able to count the vote and confirm the count is basic. It is a big enough deal to bother with paper ballots. which are physical objects that can be watched and checked by various parties. and thereby verified in ways that digital counts cannot. This is not because the choice between two unacceptable candidates is so important in itself, but because this is necessary to force oligarchs to respect popular will without ongoing strikes and violence.

It’s great that the Republicans were willing to brazen past their own long-term guilt in such matters and put up a stink, and a pity that Democrats did not do so in 2000 and 2004, when they easily could have. It would suit an honest player, were there any in the mix, to insist on a return to public and open counting of votes so that even the votes of third-party candidates might get reliably counted. The fact that politicians almost universally respond against this and for electronic voting, the electoral college, fiat-appointed electoral voters, and other distortions of popular will marks them as frauds–“the only criminal class,” as Twain described Congress, omitting two branches of government and the assorted robber barons


’ also argued to end democracy as we’ve known it these last 233 years or so.’

Well unless Bunch believes that the American voter has an unquenchable penchant for voting against their own best interests, maybe it is time to to have a big rethink concerning what has has passed for ‘democracy’ in the last 233 years or so.

“install Donald Trump as a kind of a dictator”
The Constitution provides for a ‘kind of dictator’ who has powers far beyond any individual in most other modern attempts at ‘democracy’ - (particularly parliamentary systems of government).

Bunch appears to still have a fair helping of the ‘World’s Greatest Democracy’ baloney stuck in his system and is essentially looking backward with the same viewpoint as the ‘Make America Great Again’ delusion.


America has never been a democracy, it has always been a republic, with an insulating layer between voters and the presidency. The electoral college votes for the president. Twice in the last two decades the person who lost the popular vote became the president. You can’t kill a democracy that never happened. I would like to add that since Bill Clinton, the Democrats have not been an opposition party, they have been the “reach across the aisle” enablers for the Republicans. Both parties work for the oligarchs. People should be fighting to finally make this country a democracy, for starters, by demanding that the president be elected by a national popular vote.


Sounds about right Recon.

China’s Chang’e 5 lunar sample has been successfully recovered in Inner Mongolia a few hours ago (10:59 Mountain Standard Time 16-Dec-2020), after a ‘skip’ reentry.

China is now a superpower scientifically - perhaps we should rise to the challenge as a way forward ?

Lunar Base at the Moon’s south pole in the works.

Right now we still wait - it’s not Jan 5 or Jan 20 yet, so in the meantime, I’ll provide a link to the Space Mission and one more thought. Barack Obama’s “A Promised Land” is as fine a piece of writing as I have ever seen, and if you know me, you know that I have read thousands of books. I’m half way thru it now - a must read imo.



The DLC killed what what left of democracy when they argued in court that they are a corporation with no responsibility or accountability to their members.

How can anyone call this farce democracy? We have two private corporations who each select one candidate for us to choose between. At the very least, primaries should be run at the parties’ expense.


“It feels like something that will get worse before it gets better.”

Yeah, it just might. Sort of like two diametrically opposed partners in a failing marriage. No chance of compromise. Only endless disagreement. Such a nation needs to come together over mutual priorities… and mutually agreed upon grievances. Dialogue people, lots of dialogue if you please.


The national press constantly push the idea of “democracy under siege” in the US, when in fact, they know that this country is run by the wealthy. If you are not familiar with it, look up the study by Gilens and Page on Economic-Elite Domination. The DNC and the RNC are corporations, not political parties in the honest sense. Their decision making is based on entrenching the power of the wealthy. Since the 1800s, even rich people have conceded that governments are but committees of the wealthy organized to promote the affairs of the rich. Currently, the wealthy have more money and more control over our affairs than they have ever had.


Yes but, surely even they would prefer we not engage in civil war. If the people are pushed into perceived unnecessary hardship, the utterance of the words, “Let them eat cake.” by the wealthy would be ill advised.

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America is still young and immature, it still needs to grow up. It could start with the fact that its history predates its Constitutional Repubic.

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Actually, the wealthy are the ones who have promoted a civil war. The rich own Fox News and MSNBC. Those two stations constantly try and get the left and right angry at each other. It is obvious when you watch them. So I completely disagree. The rich want to divide and conquer. If the left and right workers are fighting, then they aren’t focusing on the source of their problems; the wealthy. It is why I always say, workers unite, left and right. If the left and right workers got together with the understanding the all of their pain is caused by wealthy people sucking money out of everyone for their own gain, then we might actually get some progress in this country. As long as the workers on the left and right fight each other, they will never be able to focus their attention on the culprits; the wealthy.


Bingo! John. this is one of the mutually agreed grievances that needs to be dialogued over.


This is true the world over. From Russia to China, from Canada to japan , from Brazil to the USA , from India to france , all of that pain is caused by the rich sucking the wealth from the masses.

WW1 and WW2 , the greatest wars in Human History were wars driven by the rich and wars from which they profited.


This drives me into asking questions about the sanity of the rich. Questions which in fact they should be asking themselves. If I was extremely wealthy would my money free me from pain? From disease? From personal sorrow such as the untimely death of a son or daughter? Would the acquisition of even more wealth grant ME freedom from death?
And now I must ask my wealthy self about the possibility of life after death. Does God exist? Is there a Heaven? Is there a Hell? Knowing how much I have gained and continue to gain from my struggling, impoverished fellow human, and knowing we all are Spiritually derived from the same One God, how will I be viewed by this One God when I meet Him at my corporeal death? Has my life in the selfish way I have lived it earned me heaven? Or Hell?
Have I, like Scrooge, still time to change my ways? To grant a normal, free from suffering life to my fellow human beings? As my ultimate fate hangs in the balance I must learn of truth, and I must act. Now.

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Steve, well said. Like one of my wealthy relatives who although being a Republican, gives $$$ to the Democratic Party as a way to hedge his political bets.