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A Nuclear War Planner’s Guide To Resisting The Bomb

A Nuclear War Planner’s Guide To Resisting The Bomb

Robert Levering

As someone who grew up during the coldest years of the Cold War, I have always been aware that we are living on borrowed time. During the 1950s, nuclear bomb tests were broadcast live on TV. And I recall being traumatized by the 1959 film, “On the Beach,” which depicts the dystopian aftermath of nuclear war.

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In the mid 70s I had the opportunity to visit Whiteman AFB in Missouri where I rode the elevator down to one of the launch command modules, some ?? feet below grade. The two launch officers, smartly dressed in their powder blue shirts with their necks wrapped neatly in the nuker-kooker signature red scarves, were seated facing their control panels replete with numerous gauges, dials–and most importantly each had an “ignition” key (seriously, they could have been used in a Mustang) inserted. To initiate a strike, each panel had to have identical and accurate launch codes selected–and each had to twist their key synchronously with the other. Should that have happened and it not be a drill, away the missile(s) would go. Back on the surface I walked out onto the apron of a silo the doors of which had been opened. Peering down on the Minuteman II rocket was an impressive experience. Here was death to many–many that I would never know–many that I would never understand why they needed elimination. It was an experience that changed my life forever, but not in the manner in which the AF intended–I spurned their cult. Death could never be sold to me from that point on and that is exactly why so few people get to have such an experience.


It’s not so much the nuclear weapons that disturb me as much as the capriciousness of human nature. Luckily our Father Spirit is also aware of this. I have no doubt one day morally insane members of humanity who happen to claw their way into powerful positions will proceed to carry out the unthinkable. On that day as well, extra terrestrial visitors will intervene. This Earth has several purposes, the gradual spiritual evolution of ordinary human beings is the most important of them. p.s. ufo intervention/interference has already occurred at missile sites in both America and Russia in the past.

I haven:t gotten over being disturbed by our president who before he managed to get himself elected asked Military advisors “If we can make nuclear weapons, why can’t we use them?” Statements he has made since particularly his remarks concerning North Korea lead me to believe that the answers that he got to that question were not persuasive. He has repeatedly given the impression that he imagines himself Zeus-like casting an atomic thunderbolt then watching the big boom that he caused “Behold his mighty power,” He is obviously not clear about the kinds of far reaching collateral damage setting off a nuke woukd cause,

I have long believed that the inhibition that has kept nukes from being used during my entire lifetime if ever
broken will prescipitate a cascade of atomic bombing that will spread worldwide in an “oh oh, we’d better use ours right away before our adversaries do” reaction.

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When I was an eighteen year old sailor aboard the Badoeing Strait, after having watched that first air drop of a Hydrogen Bomb, I wrote my folks back home a letter. I said that, if they ever were to build a vast stadium where everyone on the world could watch and feel just one of those things, they would go out enmasse and destroy all of the missiles and silos, dismantle all of the warheads, close and dismantle the factories and laboratories that make and develop them, and make sure that none of hem would ever be fired again.


thank you for sharing that. How true.

“How did we get to the point where nations are ready to resort to the use of weapons capable of killing all life?”

The answer: Prehistoric Brains of those in power.

An 18 year old with the wisdom of an 80 year old.

You are an inspiration to me.

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Death is glorified in this country.

Even though NRA spokes serpent Dana Loesch said MSM loves it when a mass shooting occurs, it’s those in the weapons industry that see $$$ signs when tragedy takes place.

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Impending nuclear war, global warming, inequality, overpopulation, school shootings and other man-made disasters make one believe that the end is near. However, lifespan is increasing, diseases are being cured and we enjoy a better standard of living than when “America was great”.

Media today is ubiquitous. Every time you fart, its Tweeted. Things may have been worse when “America was great”, but we didn’t hear about it as much.

Should we do like the Romans before the fall and not worry, be happy? We need progressive pressure on the money-power. Without it things are not likely to change for the better. But does pressure have to be unpleasant? Maybe we can lead by the example of having as much fun as we can without harming anyone or our environment.

The oligarchy might decide that a happy people are worth more than miserable wage slaves. In fact, countries are achieving more happiness with a Universal Basic Income.

Having more fun makes people happy. It might be a winning issue for a political party.

Direct Democracy

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