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A Nuclear Weapons Ban Emerging


A Nuclear Weapons Ban Emerging

Robert Dodge

Every moment of every day, all of humanity is held hostage by the nuclear nine. The nine nuclear nations are made up of the P5 permanent members of the United Nations Security Council and their illegitimate nuclear wannabes Israel, North Korea, India and Pakistan spawned by the mythological theory of deterrence. This theory has fueled the nuclear arms race since its inception wherein if one nation has one nuclear weapon, its adversary needs two and so on to the point that the world now has 15,700 nuclear weapons wired for immediate use and planetary destruction with no end in sight.


Wile E. Coyote enters the shed and tinkers with his ACME explosives only to trigger a massive explosion that demolishes the shed but leaves Wile E. frazzled yet alive. The psychopaths must have this in a continual loop in their frontal lobes; they must believe themselves to be immortal. Lose the “t” and they’ll have it right.


I’m all for the dissolution of all weapons (wmd s would be a good start) tho without the cooperation of those countries with nucs , what teeth will the abolition of the weapons have ?? who will enforce ? do we boycott ourselves ?? Will Wile E create a world of glass … tune in next week


This article is an example of vision and wisdom. No question we need more guidance like this if we are to survive.