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A Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty—Rx for Survival


A Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty—Rx for Survival

Robert Dodge

Nuclear weapons have threatened humanity for 72 years ultimately becoming the greatest eminent threat to our survival. This past Friday, July 7, nuclear weapons at long last joined the ranks of other weapons of mass destruction including biologic and chemical weapons, landmines and cluster munitions in being banned and declared illegal under international treaty law.


War has always been one of the principal concerns of the 'civilized' state.

A nuclear weapon is today and since the Trinity test in the desert of New Mexico - the alpha weapon of the modern country.

This new treaty is a step along the road. Where it will lead no one can know.

Until humanity sees itself as one people, and the threat from our new, overpopulated 'hot-state' planet poses a greater threat to each and every one of us than one country does against another these days - little will change.

I believe in International Law - but I hope that we can, day by day, dismantle the 'crime & punishment' mindset, and gradually adopt the idea of compensation for the victim, and public censure of the perpetrator, as a way forward.

This treaty, without teeth, as it were - is another step along that road.


The frightening truth, and one we haven't known until recently, is that the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis was not the only nuclear near miss. There were several instances where misinterpretation of signals nearly led to false retaliation launches

Now there are more players in the atomic field than than before, nation states whose leaders are seemingly less likely to adhere to the caution that has succeeded in preventing the use of nuclear weapons for the entire duration of my lifetime.

But my strong feeling is that once one of them gets used then the inhibition will be broken and the big use 'em all holocaust will begin and end us all.

Anyone working to institute a ban please continue to do so,


The Ban Treaty is a huge step towards the elimination of nuclear weapons. The Ban Treaty also represents a shift in power from the P5 nuclear club aka the UN Security Council to the UN General Assembly representing us