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A Palestinian Guide to Surviving a Quarantine: On Faith, Humor, and 'Dutch Candy'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/12/palestinian-guide-surviving-quarantine-faith-humor-and-dutch-candy


The Holocaust is said to have begun in 1933 and ending in 1945. Historically, the Jews have been persecuted forever. just as the Indigenous people, have and so have hispanic peoples and African ones-----and even in America skin color is still used to discriminate. The Asian people can tell you all about that!

1933- 1945, the Jews were torn from their European homes , but the was also a historical
fact of the many places they lived was a homeland for many but it seemed that Europe became a bigger homeland for them. During WW 2 the Jewish people with money began to immigrate to Palestine—although there were native people living there. ( Palestinians ) Some of the rich Jewish people wanted a homeland—but there was already a homeland for the Palestinians. It had been named Palestine since the Romans times.

The year now is 2020, and the Palestinians have lost their Homeland to the Jewish people. In fact, the very horror of this is that the Jewish people are treating the Palestinians just like Hitler treated the Jews. As soon as the UK left Palestine after WW 1 , the Jewish
attacks against the Palestinians began—people were murdered— or if they ran away from their homes to save their lives —when they came back they were told they gave up their land as it was now Israel’s land.
Sadly Palestinian land is stolen everyday and rights are still trod on every day-----and yet the People of Israel seem to be acting just the way the Nazis treated the European Jews----except today’s Jew did not experience the Holocaust—however they have apparently decided that it is better to be the persecutor rather than the persecuted. A person wonders how those who were persecuted so horribly, how they would want to see that sordid history recreated. And yet----the Jews of Israel are repeating what was done to their forefathers----but not to them personally.

Go figure—I guess if there was a Jesus, he would be siding with the Palestinians, this day and every day until JUSTICE is served. JUSTICE is just another word for BDS—Boycott Divest and Sanction----it worked in South Africa----and if either America or Israel cared------it would work again. BDS, BDS, BDS!


Just as group think pegs holocaust dates between 1933-1945, the same is true of fascism. Although the axis powers lost WWII, fascism won, moved across the Atlantic Ocean and worked its way into the fabric of US business, culture, government and politics, emerging stronger than ever in the 21st century.


I’m learning more every day as to what has been happening in Palestine but it’s hard to know what’s happening because the news never covers the situation there and the Jews are only telling their biased side.


If what you say is true then I’d say Jews are horrible. I know the Hassidic are evil, racist and obnoxious in Lakewood NJ. Jesus must of had them in mind when he admonished them so harshly. The state won’t go up against the crimes they commit because of fear of being called anti semetic.

Hi Bali_Breeze:
Find that book, THE SEVENTH MILLION, by Tom Segev------and be amazed, then horrified and finally sadder than you have probably ever been. Of course after reading of the USS Liberty and seeing Rachel Corrie murdered by an Israeli bulldozer, and the Americans in the flotilla murdered by the Israelis while in International Waters-----Israel is a very sad place, and Gaza is even sadder. : (

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Maybe if Gazans didn’t proclaim their desire to kill or expel all their Jewish neighbors in Israel there wouldn’t be a “blockade” (misleading term since Israel supplies water, electricity, medical supplies etc but understandably tries to block military supplies) and maybe if they didn’t use their resources to acquire weapons, rickets, dig terror tunnels etc there would be a stronger health care system.
But they rather play the victim than actually try to improve their lives with a better strategy which would be to make peace with Israel and take advantage of their vibrant economy and relative freedoms, and, their magnificent climate and geography, and, the undoubted talent of the Gazan people.

Of course there is no mention of Egypt controlling one side of the Gaza border with even more restrictions than Israel.

Oh Barry____ read more because I sense that you are suffering from a sad lack of humanity------it doesn’t have to be permanent lack, Barry. BUT if people with guns, way back in 1948 stole your family’s land—and you didn’t have any big bad guns to defend yourselve --and then more and more people just bulldozed your homes and lands, and forced the land to be divided up so severely that all your land was stolen! And just to get to a job, you had to cross many areas, and maybe a guard having a bad day would just stop you from passing and you couldn’t get to work. Think of having to deal with ICE on steroids.
And if you were a teen going to the Peace Fence on Friday, an Israeli soldier might main you someway, in an arm or leg , which would need to be amputated or maybe permanently shooting you in the head—well, of course people are angry and want THEIR homeland back… but Stupid people like Trump, just let people like Netanyahu insult those people who protest and support the Palestinian cause. Plenty of Jewish people protest against this treatment too-------but all kinds of people can protest because DO UNTO OTHERS is a fail in one way—as it never seems to be practiced by the Israeli government. : (

Palestine belongs by international law to the Palestinians. The Zionists committed the same Crimes Against Peace and Crimes Against Humanity that got the Nazi leadership hanged. Ben Gurion et al. should have been hanged as well, but they bought off the “judges” (US presidents who also should have been hanged).

The Crime Against Peace went into effect, at least legally if not in fact, in 1928 (Kellogg-Briand) or 1946 (NĂĽrnberg Tribunals) at the latest.

“Whataboutery” is not a defense.