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A Pariah Everywhere

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2021/01/10/pariah-everywhere


Trump is just one of uncounted minions gleefully generating their own karma oblivious to the fact that the rush they’re feeling is precisely the winds of change blowing through from that abyss they’ve been digging for themselves.

Stand well back folks, the edge is all theirs for their taking and when karma thunders through know how important it is to keep love your heart … and I’m not talking romantic.


Hi theoldgoat:
Ohhhhh, I hope Trump doesn’t go all Hitler and take out Melania and Baron when he offs himself. That truly is the coward’s way—which is why I am worried about them… : (

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I doubt Trump knows which end of a gun to hold. Now, knives are another story. He had quite a collection of switchblades as a teenager, enraging his father because he got them in forbidden Manhattan. Talk about an Oedipal issue! All he had to do is open up the brachial arteries in both wrists and it’s game over.
Or…he may go out into a thunderstorm wearing metal cleats and wielding a metal club. Florida is number one in number of lightning deaths per capita…

Interesting, I had to look that up, the difference between love and romantic “love”. I found this:

“When the chemistry and attraction dry up at times, people often give up on the relationship. But true love is the commitment and even the discipline that contributes to the relationship survival. Romance is a part of love, but love can continue without romance. On the other hand, romance won’t last long without love.”

When in doubt, I like the word affinity. As an ability or possibility for all things, maybe even romance.

At least we know that Trump has some affinity, at least for things like money, golf, and himself.

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Gorillas test positive for coronavirus at San Diego park

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