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A Party of Transcendence

A Party of Transcendence

Robert C. Koehler

As we think about the election—what went wrong, what’s been unleashed and what we should do about it—please, please, let us expand our vision beyond some technical fix or updated "message."

Even if we’re talking about the Democratic Party.

I don’t understand what he is advocating.

If I declare myself to be a Transcendent, which bathroom should I use in North Carolina?

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As a Military vereran, I am proud of all the progressive vets out there, especially those that went to Standing Rock.

For me, while I am a progressive, I am not a pacifist. I wish I lived in a world where pacifism works. But determined evil must be countered with violence.

My heroes in history include the Jews who rose up in the Warsaw Ghetto. Others include Nat Turner, Spatacus, Chief Joseph of the Nez Perze, and many others.

It may come to that point in this country some day.

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There is some attraction to waiting for a miracle, I suppose. But it is not really necessary.

We do not have to wait for “the Democrats” to stand with the Sioux at Standing Rock: the veterans have already done so (and some of these were Democrats).

We may have to act without waiting for the DNC. I like the odds better than imagining a second Prime Mover.