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A Path to Democratic Socialism Means a Path To Climate Justice


“We need to act as quickly as possible, and we need to target the root causes of climate change. But we can, and should, do both simultaneously.”
If we can possibly do more to mitigate the coming disaster then we will fail. Failure is not an option. Our governing bodies must get seriously involved with creating a warlike footing with real teeth to control the corporate masters who refuse to act or even admit a need for concern.



We had damn well be more so!

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Extremes of either philosophy are never the answer! I



Okay, agreed. Thanks for the comment. Of course, I don’t know how capitalism in any form is at all realistically possible moving forward. If you can explain how it might work, I am all ears. I really am. I have a background in this stuff, have studied it a lot, and I don’t see how it is realistically possible. What I want is a socialism that is democratic at its core, in ways capitalism could never be, but also in ways that we could avoid some of the huge problems that authoritarian socialism caused in the past. The alternative to socialism is hierarchical and authoritarian fascism. The environmental crisis requires radical changes, and I don’t want an authoritarian state to be the one to deal with these issues. The wishy washy left needs to wake up and look at this situation for what it is. Tax credits on solar and bringing your reusable bag to the grocery store are nice things, but pathetically inept by themselves.

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