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"A People's Wave" Rebukes Trump: Democrats Retake US House With Mandate to Chart Bold Progressive Course


Besides who it is that now has a majority in the House, consider that elsewhere in other political systems such a majority would mean an actual new Government without a single executive personage (without necessarily a popular majority) with the power to veto its program and otherwise obstruct its legislative agenda.

Anyone talking about the whole executive President idea (directly or indirectly elected) idea? (The Swiss for example have no personage as ‘Head of State’ and the Federal Government has a collective leadership.)


You sound more like Mr. Magoo than Mr. Peabody.


Did you see the results of Washington state’s vote on #1631. 56% of voters rejected a very progressive platform on taxing carbon and other elementary environmental steps.
You cannot cajole or use coercion and not expect to face this kind of voter rebellion. It plays right into the hands of the flat earthers and energy oligarchy.


It doesn’t help that Big Oil spent millions to fight against such a bill. Unfortunately for as progressive as people think Washington is, we do have a substantial number of republican districts. I live in one myself unfortunately .I really don’t know how we can save humanity at this rate. I have almost given up at this point.


Any idea who is in charge at the time of redistricting? The end of 2018 or the beginning of 2020?


Census is taken during warm months of 2020. Results are delivered in late 2020 or early 2021. Redistricting is done during 2021 by the legislature elected in November 2020. Census Bureau has a nice timeline.


Thanks. It’s why I was disappointed Gillum lost in Florida, but was happy to see Walker and Kobach go down. Redistricting after 2010 created huge structural disadvantages for anyone but Republicans. It’s why Democrats lost so many seats while winning the popular vote in several elections.


It shouldn’t just be Washington-----One strong theme in these smaller states is how much are you elected officials bringing home. This tax plan enacted by republicans should have been a big issue in large blue states----how can the people of San Diego vote for a republican who just screwed them over on taxes? Ow a campaign of fear.


How about we have a mass picket of the DNC in Washington?


Any bill proposed and passed by house will be rejected by senate and the president resulting in theatrics rather than any tangible liberal policy being implemented. The house will spend a lot of energy on futile activities with no prospects of being remotely achievable while extreme left “yourself” will still be dissatisfied.

I do not think such proposals are the best plans for democracy. The house should start unrolling damage done by Trump while actively using power of supina and demand answers to many ongoing outrageous scandals like Russian probe and Trumps tax returns.


Where does one get the idea that the Democratic Party has any intention of charting a bold progressive course? For once, I agree with Vox that the Democrats don’t have the brains (or whatever) to push through progressive bills that we true progressives advocate, which shows us exactly how anti-progressive the majority of the DP truly is.

The Russia probe is long dead; and, going after Trump is a relative waste of time. If Democrats want to get the attention of the American public, initiate the killing of the latest tax-cut giveaway; and, try passing some bills that even rednecks would like to see…like single-payer… which will make the Senate Republicans show exactly what they are: 100 percent anti-99%

But, the above paragraph is a pipe dreams; because, progressivism is not in the DP’s DNA.


Redistricting doesn’t happen until after the 2020 census.


Actually, redistricting has nothing to do with the make up of the Senate or gubernatorial races.


I suspect the same…which means these people need to go, too. This week’s election is a good start, but we will need to “primary” these old leaders into retirement so that we can get new leaders who understand what governance is all about and get corporate money out of our political system.


It has to do with House and Legislative races though and played a big part of why Democrats lost so many seats after 2010. If you draw districts with 60,000 more registered Republicans in them, like mine, it’s tough for anyone not Republican to win, right? That Democrats needed a roughly a 6 point popular vote margin to even have a shot at taking the House tells you all you need to know.


Liberalism is a mental disorder. Sorry.


You specifically referred to governor’s races.


This was my comment above in the conversation I was having with Vox et al. I think you just caught the tail end of it. What I was saying is Gillum losing disappointed me because he would’ve played a role in drawing new districts in Florida.