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A Perilous Time, a Promising Movement


A Perilous Time, a Promising Movement

Frances Moore Lappé, Adam Eichen

No matter what our specific issue passion, we now see that we can’t move it forward without fixing the rules of our democracy itself.

March on Harrisburg activists rally inside the Pennsylvania state capitol building for a state gift ban and gerrymandering reform on November 17, 2017.


As citizen’s powers are striped away by big moneys, gerrymandering, difficulty in voting, democracy is being etched out of existence and unimpowered people are left with nowhere to turn to be heard. The democracy organizations need to garner support from ‘the people’ and form a coalition so voices can be heard and, more importantly, bring forth real change. Starting at the state and local levels can become an ever expanding force to go national and take our country back. This will be difficult bu well worth it.


To be sure, getting voters back into action is a vital and necessary step in realizing any degree of democracy in this country, but it is pure fantasy to think that the kind of change needed in this country can be solely accomplished at the ballot box, not when you have two corrupt parties in control of our elections and, more importantly, not when so much of our government is beyond the reach of voters and even the law. It’s time to swallow the pill, bitter as it may be, and admit that we are living in a fascist state that uses the democracy label to delude the masses. To deny it is to underestimate the scope the problem and a certain receipe for failure.


For over a century most advances have been by ballot initiative, not by representative government, from women’s suffrage to child labor laws to Sunshine laws to Medical and now legal marijuana:

Colorado is a relative Paradise, while our legislature does little more than obstruct local initiatives:

Let all would be masterminds get out of the way and let my people vote!


Instead of talking about it- let’s do it- plenty of grass roots organizations- we need a common cause such as Climate Action Now!


It isn’t just big money- we all put these people into power.


The law- what law??? Banksters not even going on trial.


And then what- just lie down?? Well, maybe you can with your head in despair.


I’m not interested in organizing with fascist sympathizers.

John Pudner is one of those speaking at the Unrig the System conference. He’s the executive director of Take Back America, a right wing non-profit. Excerpts from his bio:

  • John Pudner was the oldest of 9 children growing up in a 3 bedroom house in inner city Richmond, VA where he attended the same Catholic, military high school as Donald Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon.

  • Bannon and Pudner developed a relationship over their shared efforts to keep the inner city commitment of their alma mater, and Bannon later hired Pudner as sports editor to launch Breitbart Sports.

  • Pudner alerted Bannon and other key media outlets about his launch of Dave Brat’s campaign to ultimately shock Majority leader Eric Cantor.

This is the information Pudner volunteers. It is clear he has had a lifelong relationship with Bannon.
Call me insane, but fascists oppose real democracy so why should social justice advocates take this effort seriously if this is the calibre of their speakers?


I am a big supporter of the author’s claim that “we can’t move it forward without fixing the rules of our democracy itself.” Shaving a few billion off a budget or merely decreasing the number of Americans that suffer needlessly keeps the conversation right where our extremist center wants it to be.
By keeping the debate revolving around the details rather than focusing on the corruption of the rigged system, the dominators and conformists enable the minority to rule the majority with relative impunity. The beat goes on. Whether X millions suffer or Y millions suffer, the game is badly distorted.
The repairs to democracy must also include strictly enforced, automatic rules that stop politicians from lying and staying office. They, and the bureaucrats that implement their secretive power, must be freed from the protections of confidentiality agreements and governing privilege. We will know who decided what, when, and on what basis decisions were made, and omissions and deception will result in very large fines, lifetime removal from public offices at all levels, and where deserved, jail time for the damage and suffering caused by corporate backed governance. It can no longer pay to deceive and rule. Whistleblowers will be rewarded.
Once we resolve that, we can move onto the monetary system and the ‘justice’ system, renovating them to modern standards of authentic social responsibility.
When governance actually serves the large majority, democracy will have arrived.
Why not create governance where no millions suffer needlessly in the wealthiest nation on the planet? Imagine the public actually knowing what our tax payer monies fund!