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A “Persistent Eye in the Sky” Coming to a City Near You?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/15/persistent-eye-sky-coming-city-near-you


And if you don’t get that every last nugget of dog poop into the bag, it’s off to the hoosegow. “They hate us for our freedoms.”


Thank you Media Benjamin for this information and encouragement to speak out and demonstrate against the persistent abuse of congress against our civil rights that are written in the US Constitution. Instead of being able to relax and enjoy ourselves we must engage in constant battles for our civil rights to thrive in peace.


The trouble with this piece–probably unintentional since it’s Medea Benjamin–is the implication that flying drones over FOREIGN cities, to spy on their citizens with no one’s consent, is fine. No it isn’t. Everyone should have the right to privacy–except public officials. They have come a long way toward switching this presumption around, granting themselves the right to do as they please on the taxpayers’ dime, in the taxpayers’ name, with no scrutiny. Power without accountability leads inexorably to abuse. Those who have revealed the crimes of the US government are mercilessly harassed; those who committed the crimes revealed are generally promoted. Meanwhile the same government entitles itself to spy on everyone in the world, listening in on our conversations, tracking our movements, following our computer habits. This is wrong, it’s out of control, and it will not end well. It doesn’t matter whether the Republicrats or Demublicans hold Congress or the White House, either–i’ts a Deep State thing. It’s half a century since a president tried to rein them in (Trump made a show of castigating the CIA but did as he was told).


Eh, maybe those monstrosities known as UAV’s, drones to you and me, ought to stay overseas and never be used here to spy on us. That ship, however, has already sailed off into the Sunset as they are in constant use these days. At the southern border. Or like when folks got tired of cops killing people of color, took to the streets, and demonstrated/rioted to protest these extra judicial killings. Planes and helicopters have been used for years to do the same. UAV’s lower the costs, hence more can be put to use. And some folks wonder why I call the USA a police state. Fascist to those in the know.


Eye in the Sky, is part of the push for techno-policing strategies the target entire cities as crime scenes and all city residents (all city dark skinned residents, that is) as suspects. When it started in Baltimore, 4 years ago, the Mayor wasn’t even aware (_https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/oct/15/baltimore-surveillance-john-laura-arnold-billionaires).

These days, there is a big push in the techno-policing industry to for “preemptive” targeting. _https://www.reuters.com/article/us-chicago-police-technology-idUSKBN1AL08P

One of the more heinous tech ‘innovations’ are the facial recognition technologies that engineers claimed can “predict” future criminality. Public outcry over one that claimed an 80% success rate, cause the authors to pull it from peer reviewed journals: _https://www.wired.com/story/algorithm-predicts-criminality-based-face-sparks-furor/


Trump and the GOP are simply following the autocrat playbook that dictates turning the military and militarized police against your own nation after years of military ventures abroad.

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" We know from past experience that every government surveillance technology that can be abused has been abused."

In a nutshell.

Writing about involuntary surveillance, without including the now daily and routine use of cell data to track us is quite incomplete. This spying on us has been done for the same reasons that drones are now, and have been hovering over our cities on a daily/nitely basis. The MIC will not allow dissent on its’ murderous global agenda. First we stop the patriot act which added steroids to the already occuring spying, which has been going on since sin was invented. The advent of technological spying, now with 5G included means that we can be observed, and biometrically monitored everywhere we go. Using 60GHz waves however interferes with our body so much, it may even be noticed more than all of the other sneaky ways our rulers are spying on us. In a fair fight, discussion or argument, bullies lose. That is why bullies resort to cheating. Syping is just another form of cheating, of gaming the fight to maintain dominance. That is our world. That is our government. That is the MIC that rule both.

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