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‘A Pipeline Straight to Jail’

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Since you quote someone’s else’s content and opinion you’re not original enough to have some of your own? Deal with it, I guess.

Same old rationale but AS ALWAYS you 1. Ignore that this is the nomination race not the presidential race. 2. By focusing only on Bernie and not criticizing Hillary, you are in effect a de facto Hillary supporter (for the nomination) because you do what her supporters do i.e. trash her competition. 3. You keep talking about the duopoly and Stein but all you do is trash Bernie. You do not even attempt to support Stein except in name and a few terse mentions that she has a better program. You don’t even argue her positions seriously, you simply say she has better positions and leave it at that.

So wait until there is a Hillary (you’ll like her foreign policy positions better huh?) or maybe a Trump ( he has foreign policy positions too… I guess) in office and then you can say the duopoly is a rigged game and we never get the chance to vote for more progressive people.

Do you realize that all these months that you haven’t tried to explain Stein’s positions in detail? Think about that. Why haven’t you? Even you don’t really believe she could ever win and simply haven’t bothered to try and gain support for her. You do try to gain support for a generic Green Party. Not the person but the party - the idea of a third party. So what is so principled about that? You vote for a person … not the party.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

What a crock. Why don’t you…see that word? YOU argue those positions then? Posting links is a dodge and somehow you can talk and talk in depth about why you trash Bernie but YOU have nothing to say about Stein other than to tell people to go read a site. Baloney phony!

Once again you ignore that this is as yet the nomination and whose work you are doing for her!!! You and the Hillary supporters must share notes.

Remember all this later if Hillary gets in and then come in here (still using the same screen name) and complain about her foreign policy decisions and all the rest. Pretend that you really gave a damn other than to make it all a debating game… and live with the lost opportunity of having a progressive in the White House.