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A Place Where Ideals Go To Die: Defeat Mitch, Please

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/07/09/place-where-ideals-go-die-defeat-mitch-please


Mitch McConnell—the poster chilld for term limits.


Where the hell do we send donations


I don’t know who is next inline for Senate Majority Leader. That depends on the outcome of the 2020 election, of course. Whoever it is and whatever party, if she defeats McConnell I will be so happy not to ever see or hear him again. He has lowered the bar of leadership underground to the other side of the River Styx. He borrowed his mantra from Nancy ‘Just Say No’ Reagan. His drug-of-choice is do nothing but obstruct everything. Mitch McConnell: “a place where ideals go to die.” That says it all and I’m rooting for her.


When I found the link to her election run page it was blocked with the message that the connection was not secure and that McGrath et al would steal my personal information.

Clearly Mc Turtle et al are worried


Elections are term limits for those who are defeated.

Mitch, alas, will not be defeated.

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You went to her “McGrath for Congress” page, she lost that race, now she’s running “McGrath for Senate.” That said, her new webpage doesn’t have any of her positions on the issues – yet she’s touted as a progressive after having flown 89 combat missions. Um, sure.

I’d put money on her being a Blue Dog.


Thanks for the information. McTurtle needs all the resistance that anyone can muster.

Liar is another name for politician so how can any of them be trusted. But the podiums need fresh air and someone who doesn’t have all the connection and knowledge to manipulate. The situation in the world will only decline faster without resistance in any acceptable form.

Personal information here: I have a son in the military and he often speaks of how difficult it is to live within their close minded ethos. I admit being in the military is existing in a different world which includes being in the biggest professional money laundering business. I can empathise since I worked in the medical industry which is just a different set of contradictory options. One has to do what one has to do. The war will never be won but we continue to fight.


My issue with this race is labeling McGrath a progressive without much evidence. Of course she’d be an improvement on McConnell. But damn, who wouldn’t? And I get it, it’s Kentucky, you ain’t gonna get no AO-C, but if McGrath is Joe Manchin v2.0, no thanks.

FrankIy, wish the Dems had someone with the “winner take all” ruthlessness of Turtle Boy. He’s consistently kicked Dem ass since forever.

My dad was a full bird Air Force colonel, BTW. Never encouraged any of his three kids to enlist. A gung ho patriot but a political centrist. Mostly voted R, but occasionally D. Mostly cared about his investment portfolio doing well…just a typical middle class suburbanite who was proud of his humble immigrant upbringing but too stupid not to care about what others thought of him.

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I agree that Ms. McGrath sound like the perfect person to dethrone Mitch McConnell, who certainly needs to be evicted from his current post. However, I wonder why it is necessary to highlight McGrath’s service record as a Marine fighter pilot who flew combat missions. Is that really something that qualifies one for a leadership position in DC? I have to wonder if McGrath ever had second thoughts about serving the American imperium and taking part in illegal aggressions in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, etc. Did her missions ever involve dropping bombs that resulted in so-called “collateral damage,” i.e., the deaths or mutilations of men, women, and children? Does she now regret having participated in our unending “war on terror”? For that matter, where does she stand on America’s foreign policy? These are important questions I think we should ask before jumping on yet another bandwagon of support for an up and coming candidate for political office.


I’m not excited about Amy McGrath, who is a centrist Democrat, and opposes #MedicareForAll: "Speaking on MSNBC, McGrath described herself as a moderate saying she cringed that the Democratic presidential candidates have crawled too far to the left. She said she opposes taking away private health insurance as part of a “Medicare for all” plan or subsidizing health insurance “for illegal immigrants.”


The reason her military service is highlighted is to reinforce the belief that Dems are just as enthusiastic about war as Repubs. Wouldn’t want that mean old Mitch McConnell to call his opponent weak on terrorists, now would we?

McGrath is a Blue Dog. There is no d-party majority without lots of Blue Dogs temporarily representing swing states and swing districts and then losing their seats to Repubs every couple of cycles. Thus, are the Dems in a perpetual war with themselves: Portraying themselves as conservatives in some districts, progressives in other districts, and overall incoherent in all districts.


I spent some time reading some of her posts and the comments on her FB page. She seems like the real deal, and the folks in Kentucky seem to really support her her run against Mitch. Even though I don’t live in KY and I can’t really afford it, I will consider sending a donation. It is in every citizens interest to unseat the Turtle !!


Don’t give up hope. Maybe we can even unseat Pelosi too :slight_smile:


I suspect that McGrath is reaching out to voters in Kentucky which is a very red state. Being a veteran and supporting their issues is going to win over the voters there. She is taking over a spectrum of support that McTurtle can’t even touch. It’s a good strategy. She seems to have a pretty good feel for her people and the voters.


Just a brief response to comments about her military service and its potential impact on policy in the future.

Consider that Dwight Eisenhower gave us the term ‘Military Industiral Complex’, in his farewell address to the nation.

JFK was a Navy officer. PT109, anyone? He tried to limit our involvement in Vietnam to strictly an advisory role.

Jimmy Carter is an Annapolis grad, serving aboard nuclear subs. Then he put solar panels on the White House.

Also consider that the last three presidents were not military veterans (Dubyah couldn’t even bother showing up for his Air Guard drills), and think about their foreign policies.


George McGovern flew 35 combat missions over Nazi-occupied Europe. As Senator he was about as anti-war and progressive as any politician of his time…

If i were in Kentucky, I’d vote for anyone besides McConnell.


Kentucky’s motto = " United we stand, divided we fall."

Well, that’s been working for Mitch and the corporations-------I hope the People can get someone united for them.
If McGrath is a blue dog democrat—that seems like it would be better than a McConnell corporate republican. Sometime a person just has to guess about what the elected one will really do. Both McConnell and McGrath’s names start with MC too. Are there a lot of MCs in Kentucky?

I agree with some of the points other posters have put forward and I also suspect the reason her military experience is highlighted is to amplify her leadership skills in a mans world. She was the first female combat pilot in the MC, a job she apparently excelled at considering her advancement in rank, on the flip side, the first females in the MC infantry aren’t due to join their units for 2 more days at Camp Lejeune. Not an endorsement, just an observation.
Up until 9/11, the people who wanted to go to war the least, were members of the military.
I do agree with Skeptic Tank, lets not call her a progressive until she proves she truly is one.