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A Pledge to Transform the Resistance, and America


A Pledge to Transform the Resistance, and America

Richard Eskow

A popular narrative today is that we live in a country which is deeply divided. And the Democratic Party, we are told, is nearly as split as the nation itself. But chatter in the press and social media may overlook some fundamental points of agreement about changes we need to make in our economy.


They left out an important issue that might impose financial constraints. To accomplish these goals, I believe that we will also need to break up the military empire. We need to have a military for defense, but to be killing people throughout the middle east and have U.S. military facilities in 150 countries. So far, since 9/11, we have incurred about $5.8 trillion.


Typically, progressive leaders leave out any mention of the wars, spying, AUMF and bloated Pentagon budgets. This is because they are slaves of the MIC, and military facilities/manufacture are located in almost all 50 states. Again and again, they ignore the elephant in the room. The other points are excellent, but this glaring omission causes me to doubt their sincerity. Wish I didn’t feel that way.


I asked them to support the Second Bill of Rights as proposed by FDR in 1944 and never heard a word, just emails asking for money.


#12: Open up the political process to third-party, write-in and independent candidates. Make Ds and Rs petition for ballot access in every election cycle as they force outsiders to do. Let all debates among candidates be moderated by the non-partisan League of Women Voters, as was once the case.


If the Democrats can’t come up with a “clear and positive agenda” after more then one year of Donald Trump and the hordes of his toxic fellow Republicans, don’t expect to one magically appear between now and November or, for that matter, now and 2020. Even if the party could successfully roll out a “clear and positive agenda” in time for the elections, they would still have a voting credibility gap on these issues as wide as the Grand Canyon. The party would rather whine about Russia than get active and go after voters.


An interesting dynamic is at work here in British Columbia which worth mentioning.

The NDP (a left wing party with roots in Socialism) was voted into power after some 20 years in the wilderness. They won the election with a minority Government just barely and only hold the Status of majority party because of an alliance with the Green party.

They just implemented a budget, which quite frankly goes huge on many Social issues and beyond what many were expecting. This includes things like Childcare where peoples earning under 45000 a year can get 1200.00 a month per child for Childcare even as those that provide Childcare receive another subsidy to lower costs to the Public. They are spending millions on trying to preserve the Languages of our First nations people, are pushing the minimum wage higher , and have announced various inititaives to lower the costs of housing and to build low cost housing.

Now they were in power before and never went this big.

Listening to the pundits it became apparent to me that the reason they decided to go this big is that because they barely cling to power they feel the need to do all these things to preserve and grow their base. This reminded me of when the Liberals in power in the 60’s and 70’s and we saw universal health care implemented along with other Social programs. They too were a minority party and saw the NDP eroding away their base so decided they needed to “go big” and reverse that trend.

My point is this. IF The Democrats win the next election , no matter how many progressives are running and win big YOU the people of the USA will be less likely to see positive change. IF there a third party that bleeds away Democratic party support YOU the people in the USA will be more likely to see the menality of the Duopoly change.

The Democrats will never change otherwise.


The problem comes when you get to issues like abortion and gun control. Democrats have to take positions on these issues and they are controversial. So is immigration. What position should Democrats take on the undocumented immigrants and immigration law? Issues involving sexual identify are also controversial. So are racial issues involving law enforcement. The idea that you can simply take progressive positions on economic issues and win elections makes no sense. I think all Democrats can agree that tax rates should be fairer. That is one issue that can help unite the party, Campaign finance reform is another issue that unite the party, The same for a green economy and more money for infrastructure. The party can also be united on the need for Wall Street reform but some the ideas here will not be widely accepted. The Democrats need a strong position on protecting privacy. This is becoming a surveillance society. This issue needs to be addressed with regard to the internet, cameras in public places, facial recognition software, etc.


I’m not sure one could design a better program to turn the US into Venezuela north.


Shallow analysis that misses the larger point: what the Ds and Rs quietly agree on is far more relevant to our lives, and to the fate of the Earth itself, than what they noisily disagree over.


Here is some good news from Free Speech for People, so maybe it will start a trend.

Here’s the backstory: A number of state pension funds in California, New York, and other states have ongoing investments in a hedge fund that bought the Trump SoHo hotel at a bankruptcy auction in 2015. The hedge fund continued to pay the Trump Organization millions to market and manage the hotel. So state pension funds were, in effect, paying Trump himself, who reported in 2017 that he received $2.8 million in income from the Trump business managing and marketing the Trump SoHo.

Free Speech For People identified this as a violation of the Domestic Emoluments Clause, which says that a president is prohibited from receiving money from a state entity. So we began a campaign – “Divest Trump SoHo” – to pressure the hedge fund and state pension funds to divest from the hotel. Thousands of activists signed petitions, made calls, and raised their voices at pension fund board meetings.

This is about more than just the Emoluments Clause. Special Investigator Robert Mueller has identified Trump SoHo as a potential site of criminal activity, including corruption and money laundering. A Vanity Fair headline reads: “Why Robert Mueller Has Trump SoHo in His Sights.”

The combination of our advocacy, the increased scrutiny from Special Counsel Mueller, and flagging profits at the property led the hedge fund to terminate its agreement with the Trump Organization and remove the Trump name from Trump SoHo! That’s a huge step! But it’s only the first step – pitch in $5 to help us run more campaigns to hold Trump accountable to the rule of law!


If a higher percentage of people supports this, why did dems loose ground? Messaging? Trump! Trump! Trump all the time instead of policies that could help the middle class and poor?
When will dems wake up, we the people are beginning to and believe the lies of republicans that they are working for them. All lies and if they had paid attention over the last 40 years they would know it. shop til you drop mentality, those you know more about the fine china and label clothes than they know about there reps or working of government.


Well done!


That is what we need, but to get there we need a revolution first.


If you truly want to Pledge to Transform the Resistance and America, pledge to never again support the corporate parties of the Duopoly.

If you cannot “refuse” to support the corruption of these two parties, tell your kids and grandkids that your pride is more important than their futures.


That is the Revolution, in and of itself. In order for it to be a reality it must be ratified by the States and become part of our founding documents. That is the total vision of FDR.


That Politico/Morning Consult poll linked in the article spells doom for the Democrats.

And we get the usual pre-emptive excuse making from Ds revolving around identity politics, when the poll makes it clear why the Ds are toast in November: The majority of voters trust Republicans more on the economy and jobs.

Meanwhile, Bernie Bros were/are raked over the coals for harping on economic inequality.

I’ll be voting third party. And if everyone who supported the agenda laid out in this article did likewise, we’d replace the Ds in two cycles.


I wrote to the DNC, Bernie and others and explained that the total package of the Second Bill of Rights by FDR would draw people in and give them focus. Not a piece meal deal but the real deal. That was right after the election and I’ve never heard a word though I’ve tried and tried. They are protecting their personal message for all the personal glory and not doing a damn thing for the country.