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A Plutocratic Coup


A Plutocratic Coup

Jim Hightower

Many Americans are reluctant to accept that coup conspiracies are part of country's history. We tend believe that plots to overthrow the government are totally foreign to our national character. But we do do coups. In fact, the country itself was founded on an armed coup to replace the legal ruler, King George III, with a gang of revolutionary upstarts. One coup that most of us haven't heard of is The Wall Street Putsch of 1933.


Thank you, Jim Hightower, for once again placing history in a position to deliver a punch to the propaganda that all is well in lala land of democracy and environmental health.

This entire “nation state” is and has been neo-feudal with garlands of pretty words strung together to hide the oligarchic/kleptocratic genocide, ecocide, ethnocide and the ongoing, noble, coherent, and absolutely necessary resistance of the spectrum of people(s) whose vision and experience is NOT blinkered, blinded and corrupted by economic practices based on Full Monty stripping of the REAL costs incurred when human beings live in interaction with the planet of which we are a part.

Sorry for the long sentence - but its better than being silent about the ‘sentence’ to complete destruction being imposed by these (with all due respect to donkeys and mules) JACK ASSES!


I just moved to Fayetteville Pennsylvania a very Red State area and have been reading the local papers most every day.

Much to my surprise and delight, I have seen and heard an awakening to the corrupt nature of this administration’s actions.

People here are hurting and the wanton disregard of our government “is” being recognized for what it is.



Thanks for that note of hope. As a friend once observed, “Even a dog knows the difference between being stumbled over and being kicked.”

And thanks to Mr. Hightower for this article. It’s a story that bears frequent repetiton, and to a much wider audience.


Our Republic is dead and pushing up daisies. It has been dead for a while now. Yet most Americans don’t have a clue. I find that fucking amazing. It first I was in disbelief, then I was angry, now I am simply disgusted with this country and it’s people. I’d rather die on my feet then live on my knees…but it appears most seem happy grovelling.


Looks more and more like we’re all going to get that chance.


God I hope so. I have my doubts…that this country will collectively simply surrender their freedom without so much as a whimper. I am no martyr…but damn would I love to get some pay back someday.


Yeah. I hear that.


The Plutocrats still got it done. It just had to go into stealth mode and take another century, but we are ruled by the elites who own everything.


Look at the financial meltdown of 2008. No one - not a single one of those slimy creeps - went to prison as they should have.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg we can see.


We had a choice. We chose tragedy in 1980. Once the ball was rolling under Reagan,(people forget), there was no stopping it.


Choosing “tragedy in 1980” wasn’t half as bad as re-electing it in 1984 after Saint Ron had proven beyond the shadow of doubt which direction he was sending the 99%. Murkins love their fascists.

Other players attempting the FDR coup were Henry Ford (who was arming Hitler at the time), Prescott Bush (Dubya’s grandpa), the Norweigan born president of Texaco (also fueling Franco’s fascist takeover of Spain), and other “industrialists”. Those players all openly advocated for Murka to go fascist along with Germany, Italy and Spain during the 30s.


One thing for sure–the plutocrats learned from the first coup and have used insidious infiltration and control through corruption since. Coup 2016 was a success.


My high school US history classes all had the chance to read about this. Hopefully some of the implications sank in…


I donate to this organization. Why did you fail to mention Prescott Bush?