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A Point of Holiday Agreement: Stop Wasting Money on the Pentagon


A Point of Holiday Agreement: Stop Wasting Money on the Pentagon

Lindsay Koshgarian

In this season of (hoped for) peace and goodwill, it’s worth looking for things our divided country can agree on. And since all of us want to be able to trust government to spend wisely, we might find common cause in a surprising place: the Pentagon budget.


America is a covert military dictatorship, in that the pentagon is content to gobble up the vast majority of taxpayer money and operate with impunity without outright dictating laws.
There exist no entity, political or otherwise, that can actually challenge the power of America’s corporate military industrial complex.
If congress, or any politician, made a serious attempt America’s covert military dictatorship would quickly become an overt one.
More over, the vast majority of citizens would likely cheer the army on.
They are not “wasting” money on the Pentagon so much as bribing them to maintain power.


While people generally agree that Pentagon “waste” is a bad thing, this piece nibbles around the edges of the central question of the national security state and global dominance.

The purpose of the U.S.-based global military project is to control the resources and labor of the biosphere on behalf of of the oligarchs, plutocrats and corporations that control the global neoliberal imperial system. A horrible offshoot of that is that the military destroys what it can’t control.

And it is the largest polluter and source of global warming/climate change in the history of humanity.

Both wings of the Permanent War Against the World Duopoly consistently agree on this in overwhelming numbers (including so-called “progressives” who only oppose small amounts military spending and operations as opportunists).

Even worse, the vast majority of the U.S. public actively and passively supports both military spending and operations. This has been proven time-and-again since the end of WW2.

So, of course, we should oppose Pentagon waste. We should figure out how to lessen waste in all forms of pubic sector, private sector and personal ventures and activities.

But as long we actively and passively overlook the reality that the U.S. military is DESIGNED to literally waste the world on behalf of capitalism, we are whistling in the wind and saluting ourselves with one-handed applause while tieing yellow ribbons with the other.


The War to kill our plant must go on. The pentagon is a farce, it takes our money and just gives it out like candy. Then it can’t tell us where all the money goes. WOW JUST WOW. If this were any other part of the government or even worse a privet company. Do you think it would be allowed to just give our money away?. So why then have we made our pentagon so special?. When for the last 10 or more decades this same pentagon has done nothing less than rape and pillage our earth. DEFUND THE PENTAGON…DRAIN THE SWAMP!.


Grassley sez:
“There’s … no way of knowing exactly how much or on what money is being spent.”

Oh? And how did you vote on the last war profiteering bill, Mr. I Care About Pentagon Accountability?


All through our history of military men, government, and many, many presidents, the connection to the “Free Masons” and a cabal has existed. Some of these people after serving their masters embark on above board or below board activities on their own, but the damage has been done.


To begin, Pentagon waste is a euphemism for Pentagon corruption and fraud. Waste suggests that it’s merely an oversight and those involved may be incompetent, but blameless. Total B.S. A real investigation would reveal decades of fraud and criminal activity.

Moreover, Pentagon waste/fraud and Pentagon budgeting are two very different things. Yes, even many hardcore militarist right-wingers are in favor of cutting waste, but cutting into the Pentagon’s budget? No way. Any money that might be saved by cutting waste and fraud, the military-controlled duopoly would simply convert into other weapons systems and so on. Any progressive that confronts these people and advocates a serious cut in the military budget will get immediately labeled as a traitor and unpatriotic. Rubbing shoulders with these criminal war-mongers to cut Pentagon waste is a dead end road for progressives.



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Isn’t it obvious to someone in the Congress that GIANT and CONTINUING FRAUD is going on and has been going on at lest since that meat company killed soldiers in the Civil War with tainted meat?
Aren’t Generals supposed to know something? The Pentagon just flipped off the entire nation by continuing to confound real accountants! Maybe they should not receive any retirement money until ALL of this is cleared up. At the very least, NO ONE should receive a raise or buy more of anything------ even those shiny little metals.
If a non military citizens took money and requested more and more money and did not account for where it went----then that person would NOT be walking around as a free person. WHY can you expect Americans to respect laws when the Pentagon obviously does not. IF they can’t be honest about where the MONEY is—why should we trust them about anything----you know --like where were they when the WMD lies were going around?


Under Shanahan expect those numbers to keep going up dramatically. A story the other day in MSM, quoted him as saying the Defense dept. is not in the business of saying no, and he is completely on board with taxpayer money wasted on Trumps space force.


I usually object to “duopoly” false equivalences of Ds and Rs since the Ds are so much better on many issues (civil rights, labor law, environment, reproductive freedom…) but on this one I agree, the Ds are just as dedicated to militarism and weapons building, even in my “blue” state of Rhode Island where our generally liberal Congressional delegation is all for building ever more submarines…. and so are most of the people. There used to be protests but it seems the peace movement has given up


Yes indeed !

The past two military budget increases have been approved by 89 of 100 US Senators and there are not 89 GOP

Both of those budgets were approved with no discussion and more money was budgeted than the Pentagon requested because military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) operatives have more influence on the budget than the Pentagon does…as in MIMIC owns Congress and has been the biggest recipient of corporate welfare for decades.


Yet even with all that, The US Military of all Government institutions is seen as the most “trustworthy” in the eyes of the Public.

The Public is brainwashed. Swathes of people are no different then those they claim “brainwashed” to support the State of North Korea.


Sure the Pentagon is corrupt, no question about it but even worse, the Congress is so incompetent, insouciant and venal, that the Pentagon could pay its Generals, $1,000,000 each a year and not one Congressional member would complain.



I wonder how many of our distinguished reps know what the officer pay scales are, how easily they ride up the ladders of bureaucracy, how many get defense industry jobs as golden parachutes and how massive their pensions are after 20 years of doing nothing (if we’re lucky) or “serving” in a career of mass murder, destruction and poisoning the biosphere.

Oh wait, the Kabuki Congress Kritters do know because they pretty much do the same thing, except the cowards specialize in enabling rather than acting.


We don’t really know this as no Kongress Kritters have seriously taken on the Pentagon – or its actually purpose – in decades.


Cause our congress has not had a real set of balls for over 100 years now. And you except change?. Not unless we the people take to the streets and are willing to bleed and even die for this. ARE YOU WILLING TO DIE FOR YOUR COUNTRY?. I AM WILLING AND READY.