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A Poisonous Approach to Governing


A Poisonous Approach to Governing

Wenonah Hauter

The Flint water crisis is a disaster on all levels, and many factors are to blame—austerity measures imposed by emergency management, the Snyder administration’s gross mismanagement, EPA’s failure to step in. It is also a consequence of a poisonous trend—running states like corporations. Flint reminds us yet again that corporations and their political front groups have hijacked our democracy—with real and lasting impacts on our water and public health.


What we need is "Plumbers Without Borders", a large group of plumbers and such who can travel to Flint and somehow work to rebuild the water service lines to those homes, etc.
I know it's a stretch, but if we can have "Doctors Without Borders", then this nation surely needs a group of plumbers to help these folks-and probably many other cities. Hell, don't count on Snyder to make things right. He needs to be in jail.


Yes, but remember we bombed Doctors Without Borders. Although if we bomb Flint, maybe they would qualify for reparations.


Excellent article! I have been waiting for one such as this where it clearly laid out that it cuts to funding from Governments that the root cause.

This at the demand of those right wing think tanks and champions of that "free market" and this as that same US Government spends 1 trillion a year on its military.

This is life as the Corporations want it as they sell you a bottle of water they stole from the commons for 2.25$

Much the same happened up here in Canada with the health care system. Governments cut funding to balance budgets and then waiting lists started with the "private enterprise" think tanks pointing to the same as proof "Government run health care does not work"


The one factor that the author has ignored is that successive city administrations reticulated water to households through lead pipes for decades after it was known that this allowed lead to get into people. That is pure negligence. Those pipes should have been replaced at least 70 myears ago.


This is a great component idea for a "full employment" program.


True! the current corporate (and historical corporate "law") model perverts and inverts the values of a living oikos/economy in order to extract power from as many aspects as possible. Its currently choking on the denial that if a construct premises its activity on ever expanding extraction - its soon parasitized EVERYTHING leaving only carcasses. Its only tool in the toolbox is more of the same intensified - talk about a death wish fairytale.


"and-Aid solutions such as the ones seen in Flint or the push to
privatize advocated by ALEC and its corporate cronies stem from a larger
crisis—inadequate federal funding"
...which is a the result of special interests buying their way out of their responsibility to pay for their use and benefit from the infrastructure common to us all.