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A Political Stalemate Over Puerto Rican Aid Is Leaving All US Disaster Funding in Limbo

A Political Stalemate Over Puerto Rican Aid Is Leaving All US Disaster Funding in Limbo

Lauren Lluveras

Senate Democrats recently blocked US$13.5 billion in relief for Americans whose lives were disrupted by hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, flooding and other natural disasters. The objections had to do with Puerto Rico.

At some point we all have to step back and wonder what the hell the USA thinks it’s doing with this colony. If you look at where the money goes, the future envisioned for Puerto Rico is one without Puerto Ricans. This is no joke: it’s a deadly serious policy of ethnic cleansing, of genocide, to clear the way for a casino paradise where hoods and whores can hang out.

And this has been bipartisan policy.

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Perhaps because for religious, racial, or other reasons, few will address directly our most important taboo subject, global overpopulation. They would rather leave this problem up to conservatives to deal with through war, poverty, genocide, ethnic cleansing and environmental disasters.

Educating women and funding planned parenting seems too little too late when an exponentially growing global population requires more resources, a problem compounded by extreme inequality.

Whew! I know you’ve got your heart in the right place, like that gorgeous Nat King Cole song you hang your handle on. But positing the overpopulation problem as more basic – closer to the root of strife – than historical forces which have consistently driven genocide, particularly in a colonial context… if that’s your intention, it’s morally fraught.

The fact that ecology is morally fraught here, is a major reason why few dare to approach the subject of overpopulation as it relates to our own species. This although we know most intraspecies conflict results from population/resource imbalance. Morality and history are human constructs, not nature’s.

We neuter dogs and cats humanely to prevent their overpopulation. We cull elephants and deer populations when they destroy habitat. And conservatives would kill us off rather than allow humane population control. These “Darwinists” don’t want to believe unlimited hoarding is an aberration of natural law. Throughout history, saving souls for cannon fodder and profit is their mantra.

Saving Puertoricans is not in conservative’s game plan. No profit in saving the “unproductive”.